7 Irish Crochet Patterns That Give the Vintage Technique Modern Flair

Irish crochet is instantly recognizable. The common rose and leaf motifs, joined by delicate lace netting, make up a vintage style that dates back centuries — according to Irish Crochet Lab , Irish women used to sell these crocheted items (doilies were often up for grabs) during the potato famine of the 19th century.

But the style has come a long way since the days of doilies. Today, you can find modern spins on the tradition that take the classic motifs and crochets them into innovative patterns. Say hello to 21st century Irish lace!

1. Floral Lace Top

Talk about flower power: this top is a fresh, modern version of Irish crochet you'll want to wear every day this spring. Stitch the flower and leaf motifs, then join them with delicate netting to create a colorful garment.

Meet artist and author Myra Wood and learn about the difference between traditional Irish crochet and garments made from colorful, on-trend, modern freeform Irish crochet. Gather your tools and materials as Myra shows your best options for yarns, threads and hooks.

2. Rings and Roses Coin Purse

Capture the full vintage essence of Irish lace with this circle coin purse. The classic, doily-style design is adorned with roses and leaves and worked in delicate thread, making it the perfect evening bag for a dressed-up occasion.

3. Mayapple Flower Square

Make a common Irish crochet design — the rose — and place it center stage in this afghan square. Once you crochet it, you can add it to a larger project or seam a bunch together to form an old school blanket.

4. Golden Autumn Crocheted Hat

While not entirely Irish crochet, the beautiful maple leaves in this hat are made using an Irish crochet technique. And feel free to think outside the hat — these leaves can be added to a ton of different projects to add some autumnal flair .

Photo via Bluprint member Luba Davies

5. Blanca Sugar Skull Appliqué

You may not associate the Day of the Dead with Ireland, but this genius design uses the classic rose motif for eyes in a beautiful and intricate piece. It's a totally innovative way to practice Irish lace making, and you can even try it out with colorful yarn.

Photo via Bluprint member Spider Mambo Designs

6. Irish Rose Crochet Scarf Pattern

Repeat the Irish crochet rose again and again to create a scarf you'll want to wear year-round. This project is a great example of how the traditional style can be modernized for wear today.

Photo via Bluprint member Designed by Sonya

7. Lace Socks

This contemporary pattern is Irish crochet in design, and gives ample opportunity to practice the Irish Clones Knot stitch. You'll end up with a totally unique accessory!

Photo via Bluprint member Aimarro Patterns

January 28, 2020
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7 Irish Crochet Patterns That Give the Vintage Technique Modern Flair