It Takes an Embroidered Village to Make This Hoop (Just Kidding, You Only Need Our Free Pattern!)

You could embroider "home sweet home" on a hoop, but we'll leave that to our grandmas. On the other hand, stitching this whole neighborhood of adorable little dwellings is a project we'll gladly take on ourselves.

You can bring loads of character to the 'hood by mixing up the look with a variety of stitch styles. And if you need a refresher, don't worry. We explained them all in depth right here .

Embroidered Houses

Level: Easy

What You Need


1. Transfer the Pattern

Print out the house pattern, then transfer it onto your fabric using an iron-on transfer pen. You can also trace the pattern onto your fabric by placing the pattern and fabric on a light box, or simply taping them up to a sunny window to help the lines show through.

2. Embroider the Landscape

Stitch the hill, tree, and cloud before beginning the houses. Here, we used 6-strand French knots for the cloud and 6-strand backstitch for the hill, tree and grass. (But feel free to get creative and use whatever stitches you know and love!)

3. Outline the First House

Beginning with the house on the left, use a split stitch to outline the walls and roof. I switched colors for the roof, but you can make it all the same if you like that better.

Then, move on to the windows and doors. We used 3-ply of the 6-strand floss for these details. 

4. Move On to the Middle House

For the house in the middle, try a chain stitch to give the house a more rustic look.

When the walls and roof are done, move on to the windows and door using 3-ply of 6-strand floss. 

5. Finish With the Third House

For the third house, use a basic back stitch for the walls and a satin stitch roof. (Or you could satin stitch the whole house, but then the windows become a free-stitch sort of element since you won't be able to see the pattern.)

As with the two previous houses, use just 3-ply of 6-strand floss for the window, door, and curtains. 

There you have it — three little houses on a hill!

October 10, 2018
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It Takes an Embroidered Village to Make This Hoop (Just Kidding, You Only Need Our Free Pattern!)