Knit Faster! Knit More! Here's How To Pick Up Your Pace

"Hi, my name is Jane and I'm a knitting-holic." Is this you? You're not alone. Knitting is incredibly addictive, in the best possible way. The only problem is, there just aren't enough hours in the day to power through all the knitting projects we all want to do.

Or ... are there? With a few tips, you can suddenly start discovering so much more knitting time — and speed — that you never even knew you had.

1. Turn Your Hobby Into a Daily Practice

If you're relatively new to knitting , forgive yourself for going a bit slower than all the experienced knitters out there. It's not a race! At the same time, the more you knit, the faster you get, and the more projects you can bust out. Spend at least a few moments every day knitting, and suddenly you'll look up and wonder how you got so fast. The answer: Good ol' practice — every single day.

2. Train Your Hands

If you can create tension with the yarn around or in between your fingers, your hands will be able to grip the needles without having to “let go” of the yarn. This works for any stitching method, from English knitting to Continental knitting . If you're not already using one of these methods, play around with them to see what works for you. Once you're in the habit, you can work your stitches a lot more efficiently.

3. Try a Speed-Demon Technique

So, in the tip above, we told you to experiment with different knitting methods and pick the one you like best. By all means do that, but here's a hint: Many of the world’s fastest knitters are Continental knitters. The Continental method of working the knit stitch is, frankly, a more efficient maneuver than the English method. At least that's the one the fast-knitting champs swear by. Many Continental knitters can easily turn out a few sweaters in a single month. If speed matters to you, you might want to hone the quick Continental method until it comes naturally.

4. Find Hidden Time and Space

Here's another way to get more knitting done: Carve out extra minutes and places to do it in. Speed helps, sure, but another secret to ramping up your output is to just squeeze in more time to knit — wherever and whenever you can. Watching TV after dinner? Grab your knitting project, and you just found an extra hour or two. Catching a carpool ride or a bus, subway or commuter train to work? That's another knitting op.

Will your day involve standing in line at the bank or post office? Bring your knitting project with you. Going to the DMV? You can probably knit an entire sweater while you wait (sigh).

At work, find a spot in your desk drawer or on a shelf to stash a knitting project, and pull it out on your coffee break or lunch hour.

Once you're in the knitting-everywhere-anytime frame of mind, you'll get much speedier at finishing those projects — even if you're not quite knitting faster yet.

Also, did we mention you should try the Continental method? Oh, right, we did ...

January 10, 2019
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Knit Faster! Knit More! Here's How To Pick Up Your Pace