Mix & Match These 9 Knitted Squares for Any Project

Knitted squares can be mixed and matched to create all kinds of projects. Join squares together to make tote bags, tech cases, pillows, blankets , wraps, scarves — anything that can be pieced into a square or rectangle.

Here's how it works:

Below, we've shared some of our Bluprint designers' knitted squares and projects that use squares. Choose a project you'd like to knit (there are tons of free patterns on Bluprint ), such as a tote or a pillow. Then decide which of the squares you'd like to use. You can choose just one square to use over and over, or you can mix and match them.

Not all of the squares are knit with the same yarn weight, and the gauges are all different. If the yarn weight or gauge doesn't match up with your yarn, play around with gauge or use some of the tips in " Ways to Mix Yarn: A Brilliant Solution for Stash Busting ." If you're already working on a knitted squares project, any of these squares can be added to the mix!

Go ahead! Mix and match these knitted squares and see what kind of cool designs you can come up with.

Photo via Bluprint member  Live.Knit.Love

1. We're So Square #3

Square size: 12 inches

This square has three beautiful and completely different sections: a staggered eyelet, bouquet and knotted cord. If you like this square, be sure to check out designer  Live.Knit.Love 's other squares to add to your collection.

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Photo via Bluprint member  SmartCat Studio

2. Textured Squares of the Month

Square size: 12 inches

These squares feature four different patterns that all involve decreasing and increasing . Instructions are also included for joining the squares without sewing or crocheting. You can use this method for these squares or for any other knit square blanket you're working on.

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Photo via Bluprint member  SKNITSB

3. 3 Squared

This blanket includes patterns for nine totally different squares that would look just as great in the living room as they would in a nursery. This pattern uses DK-weight yarn , but you could use any yarn weight you'd like in order to match the gauge of other squares you're working on.

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Photo via Bluprint member  devorgilla

4. Celtic Square

Square size: 50 stitches x 72 rows; different gauges are provided for different yarn weights

If you love the twists and turns of traditional Celtic designs, you'll definitely want to add this square to your collection. You can even repeat the design over and over again to extend the square into a rectangle — a perfect strategy for creating something like a scarf. Check out designer  devorgilla 's other patterns for even more Celtic squares to choose from.

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Photo via Bluprint member  Mary Foster Moran

5. Mitered Square Memory Blanket

Square size: Varies depending on how many rows you knit

Follow Mary Foster Moran 's lead and mix your knits with fabric. Here, the designer used her daughter's gymnastics leotards with mitered squares to create a blanket. You could do the same using special T-shirts or any other memorabilia.

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Photo via Bluprint member SmartCat Studio

6. Knit & Purl Squares of the Month Afghan

Square size: Multiple gauges for each square listed in pattern

Know how to knit and purl ? If so, you can easily stitch all 12 of these squares. All the squares are reversible, so they work well for projects like scarves where both sides will be visible. You can also use the border pattern here to combine these blocks and any other blocks you're mixing in.

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Photo via Bluprint member  bubweez2745645

7. Monkey Dishcloth

Square size: 9¾ inches

Yes, this is a pattern for a dishcloth, but wouldn't t his look awesome mixed in with other squares? You could even knit an entire project using monkey squares! This would be cute as a wall hanging in a baby's room or as a throw pillow.

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Photo via Bluprint member  Tin Can Knits

8. Vivid

Square size: 7½ (9, 10½) inches square for sock (DK, aran) weight yarns

This pattern includes gauges for three different yarn weights, so you can easily match it up with the other yarns you're working with. I love the bright primary colors here, but you could also knit these up in neutrals or pastels to match the rest of the project. 

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Photo via Bluprint member  Steve Plummer

9. Illusion Disappearing Colour 

Square size: 10 inches (DK yarn)

This square is way cooler than you think on first glance. Take a look at the other photos and you'll see that the yellow squares only appear when you look at the knitting from an angle. The DK version is 10 inches square, but you can play around with other yarn weights to alter that measurement.

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What will you knit with your mix and match squares?

Put Those Squares Together Perfectly

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May 04, 2016
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Mix & Match These 9 Knitted Squares for Any Project