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          12 Knitted Valentine Gifts to Celebrate Those Warm and Fuzzy Feelings


          Valentine's Day is for recognizing the ones you love, and what better way to do so than through the craft you adore? Cast on and stitch these knits for your favorite people in honor of all those warm and fuzzy feelings.

          1. Fingerless Heart Gloves

          Follow a simple mitts pattern, then embellish your new hand-warmers with crochet or embroidery. Hearts and flowers are obviously fitting for V-Day, yet still look cute enough to wear year-round.

          This just in: you no longer have to wear your heart on your sleeve. In fact, we recommend carrying it around in your hands. These simple knit mitts get a bit of Valentine's Day love with super-cute stitched embellishments.

          2. Heart-Shaped Dishcloth

          Go on and literally stitch your heart out creating a gift that can be used every Valentine's Day for years to come. This pattern uses cotton worsted weight yarn , so it won't shrink or stretch when washed.

          Knit your heart out — literally. This heart pattern is the perfect make for Valentine's Day, whether you stitch it on its own and use it as a dishcloth, or incorporate it into a larger project.

          3. Cute Mug Cozy

          Grab your DPNs or use the magic loop technique to knit a mug cozy for the coffee-lover in your life. As long as you follow the basic pattern, you can customize it any way you wish with colorwork and edging.

          Mug cozies are a must-have for coffee lovers, and make great Valentine's Day gifts when embellished with a little knit heart. Work in the magic loop and you'll have a cute coat for your favorite cup in no time.

          4. Faux Woven Scarf

          If you can knit and purl, you can make this scarf. The woven fringe is worked in after you're done knitting, so no special tools are required.

          This scarf may look complicated, but if you can knit, purl, cast on, and bind off, you've got it. Promise! The woven fringe is worked in after you're done knitting: no special tools required.

          5. Heart Head Hat

          Wear your heart on your sleeve, er, head! This simple colorwork looks so sweet, plus you never need to trap pesky floats .

          6. The Aspens Blanket

          Stitch the perfect gift to cuddle up with. This throw is big, but works up fast thanks to two strands of super-bulky yarn.

          7. Lieutenant's Heart Shawl

          Knit from the neck to edge, this delicate shawl starts simple and gradually becomes more intricate as you work toward the edges.

          8. Sweetest Heart Socks

          Keep those toes nice and toasty with festive Valentine socks. You'll work in the round using twisted stitches to make the adorable textured hearts.

          9. Swirly Heart

          Follow this intarsia chart and you can knit a swirly heart on anything. A pillow, sweater, blanket — whatever you want to gift!

          10. Rye Socks

          Forget sock-weight yarn and those tiny size 1 needles. These are knit with worsted-weight yarn , so they come together way faster than your typical sock pattern.

          11. Sherwood Slippers

          There's nothing like slipping your feet into a cozy pair of handmade slippers, especially when they're lightly felted like these. It doesn't hurt that they're made from bulky yarn , so you'll finish them in no time.

          12. Beckenham Scarf

          This scarf can be knit in a variety of yarn weights , so choose the one you like best. In a hurry? The chunky yarn version is probably your best bet. Oh, and this pattern is also reversible, so there's never a need to hide the wrong side.

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          12 Knitted Valentine Gifts to Celebrate Those Warm and Fuzzy Feelings