Embellish Your Projects: Knitting With Buttons


When I'm knitting , I'm normally not a big fan of knit finishing — weaving in ends, seaming, etc. But sewing on buttons is strangely comforting to me.

Marching Band Gloves with Silver Buttons, Pattern on Bluprint

I have a large tin full of buttons, and my 2-year-old niece loves to comb through them. One day, I asked her if she wanted to play dolls. Instead she suggested, "Let's play buttons!" So we poured them onto the floor and examined them one by one. You know a craft supply is truly magical when it can hold a toddler's attention.

The other great thing about buttons is that they can add so much to the design of a project. Buttons are functional, sure, but they can also be decorative. Choosing a button for your project is a very important task! Even the smallest of buttons have the power to transform the entire look of a project.

Take a look at these Bluprint knitting patterns that feature buttons and you'll see what I mean.

Big Button Wrist Cuff, Pattern on Bluprint

Photo via Bluprint member laurimuks

Big Button Wrist Cuff

I love wooden buttons, and this pattern spotlights them in such an awesome way. There's nothing like chunky yarn paired with a wooden button. Get the Big Button Wrist Cuff pattern here.

owl diaper case, on Bluprint

Photo via Bluprint member Avrellynrose

Owl Diaper and Wipe Case

This pattern is meant for diapers, but will you judge me if I carry it as a clutch? Buttons serve two purposes here: they're functional, used to close the case, and they're decorative when used for the owl's eyes. Get the Owl Diaper and Wipe Case pattern here.

Cottage Zip Up Pouch, Pattern on Bluprint

Photo via Bluprint member fluffandfuzz

Thatched Cottage Zip Up Case

Sure, you could embroider the door knob on this cute little house, but what fun would that be? You could put anything in this pouch, from pencils to makeup and even buttons. (Hey, you have to stash those buttons somewhere!) Get the Thatched Cottage Case pattern here.

Button Cloche Pink Hat

Photo via Bluprint member Azalea820

Button Box Cloche

If you have a lot of buttons to use, this is the perfect project for you. Don't worry about matching button sizes or colors. There are no rules here! That's what makes the project so fun. Get the Button Box Cloche pattern here.

Marching Band Gloves on Bluprint

Photo via Bluprint member reWOLLuzza

Marching Band Gloves

Silver buttons contribute to the military look of these gloves. This is definitely one of those cases where the buttons totally define the style of the project. Get the Marching Band Gloves pattern here.

Diamonds and Cables Pillow Cover, Pattern on Bluprint

Photo via Bluprint member Ladyship

Diamonds and Cable Pillow Cover

Buttonholes are functional and decorative in the case of this pillow cover. I like pillow covers with buttons because they're easy to slip on and off if you need to wash it for any reason. I also love that simply changing the button style and color can change the entire look of this pillow. Get the Diamonds and Cable Pillow Cover pattern here.

Want to design your own button-friendly knitting pattern? Bluprint's Button Bands & Buttonholes class with Anne Hanson is a fantastic place to start. Anne will show you how to calculate the pick up ratio on your button band, plus how to space buttonholes evenly -- especially important for knitted garments like cardigans.

Tomorrow on the Bluprint blog, we'll discuss three things you might not know about knitting gauge adjustment.

Let's talk buttons! How are you going to celebrate Button Day with us? What are your favorite types of buttons?

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Embellish Your Projects: Knitting With Buttons