10 Layer Cake Quilt Patterns You'll Love Building

We love a good layer cake, both the dessert and quilting variety. But in quilting, it's a fairly broad term — it isn't a specific design or method, rather it's any quilt that relies on 10" x 10" cuts of fabric for construction. You can easily find them in bundled precuts , so choose your fave and try your hand at these patterns and projects.

1. Disappearing Blocks

This construction hack might feel super weird when you first do it, but we swear it works time-saving miracles. Place two 10" right sides together and sew along all four corners. Cut the fabric twice from corner to corner (to make an X across the square), press open the pieces and — voilà — you have four speedy half-square triangles to build these two blocks that you can use in a fun quilt design.

Now that you've mastered the fundamentals, it's time to experiment with 10" squares! Cut triangles, then find out how to sew gorgeous pinwheels and hourglass blocks that look complex but come together quickly.

2. Building Bricks

This brick quilt pattern combines 10" squares with 5" charm precuts , which you'll use as background fabric. Stitching them is simple: just cut the layer cakes in half and stitch the ends to the charms, forming a brick. Join them into rows and you'll see a cool, modern quilt start to emerge.

Learn an easy design for the Bricks quilt that combines 5-inch and 10-inch square pre-cuts, and use chain piecing to make assembly even faster. Then, work up a variation of this design: the Sticks quilt.

3. A Piece of Cake

Yes, you can totally build a quilt exclusively using layer cakes. All you do is cut the squares into strips and piece them together to make a striped pattern. Bonus: this tutorial teaches you how to cut up to four 10" squares at a time, all but guaranteeing your project will fly by.

Learn to cut, layer and sew blocks before assembling your quilt top.

4. Swarming Success

All the colorful arrows in this quilt are made by cutting layer cakes into rectangles and squares, and they come together with the insanely easy quilt-as-you-go method . If you're looking to bust your stash, this is the weekend project to tackle.

Put your budding quilt-as-you-go skills to use on a lovely quilt that calls to mind a flock of birds. Gudrun shows you how to create a "quilting map" as a placement guide, and then reveals how to make and assemble your units in neat rows.

5. Seasonal Stitching

Not only are the geometric shapes in this modern mini quilt easy to piece, but each square also represents a season. (Hence the pattern name, Circle of Life.) Trust us, your walls are begging for this quilt hanging .

6. An Unconventional Nine-Patch

If you know how to make simple nine-patch blocks, you can stitch this quilt. Once you sew each one, cut them in half twice and start piecing. It's that simple.

7. Layer Cake Lattice

This lattice pattern is a classic and totally beginner-friendly . Just stack and cut your layer cakes into identical rectangles, then start building!

8. V Is for Vintage

This pattern is old-school cool in all the right ways, though we do recommend having some quilting experience under your belt. You'll use those layer cakes to cut and piece pretty star blocks with little hassle, so you can get to the fun part — quilting! — right away.

9. Rad Rag Quilt

Trust us, there's nothing raggedy about this quilt top. You'll work exclusively with layer cake pieces, cutting them into large 9" and smaller 5" squares before using a special stitching technique that results in that cozy rag-like look. Want to really get your snuggle on ? Use flannel for the backing!

10. On the Right Path

This beginner-friendly quilt can be made in any size, thanks to the pattern instructions covering everything from a baby quilt to king-size. No matter who you decide to make it for, you just gotta break out those layer cakes and start cutting!

September 18, 2019
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10 Layer Cake Quilt Patterns You'll Love Building