Light Up Your Life With This DIY Chandelier!


Every single Tuesday night when we watch Making It , it's like a creative light bulb goes off in our head. And speaking of lightbulbs, ICYMI, on yesterday's episode the crafting crew was challenged to make a lighting fixture from scratch. Here's our version, made entirely of — wait for it — straws! Not too shabby, huh?

DIY Chandelier Made of Straws

Love the look? Here's how to do it yourself

Step 1: Assemble the main section

Find a light bulb you can build your chandelier around. We love Edison bulbs, but you can use whatever you've got! Wrap a thin black wire around the light socket a few times, and twist the wire around itself so it's secure.

Grab twelve 10" straws and arrange them as you see above. First arrange four in a square, and thread them together. Then add a triangle on either side of the square, and thread those together too. Finally, place a straws at each corner of the square, and use thread to connect those to the center square.

Bring the four straws at the corners up and wrap their wires around the wire circle you made earlier.

Then, grab the two triangles and bring them down, opposite the wire circle. Use their threads to tie them tightly together.

Now's a good time to suspend your chandelier over your working surface if you can. That will make it easier to attach the remaining pieces as you build them.

Step 2: Repeat to make the next diamond

Next, you'll do almost the same thing, but with a few minor changes. Grab 5" straws (or cut 10" ones in half) for the square and 7" straws for the triangles. This time, you'll make triangles on all sides of the square.

Bring two opposite triangles to the top and tie them together; bring the other two to the bottom.

Add a tassel (because everything's better with tassels), and attach this mini diamond to the first one you made.

Step 3: Make even more!

Repeat this same process with different sized straws — we used 1" and 2" straws — and attach the rest of the pieces to the main diamond as shown. Don't forget the tassels!

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Light Up Your Life With This DIY Chandelier!