Make a Statement for Way Less $$


Every wardrobe needs a good statement necklace, but blingy baubles can cost you an arm and a leg. Not this one! This simple knotted necklace uses just a few scraps of cording, a bit of ribbon and a glue gun.

Gold Necklace

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Got more canvas tote bags than you know what to do with? Us too. Rather than let them pile up in the closet, give 'em new life! All you need is a stencil and a little paint.
Explore techniques for creating a stunning wire crochet necklace with beads that pairs as well with jeans as it would with a wedding gown. Candie's close-up instruction guides you through how to crochet loops in your necklace to secure gorgeous beads, adding multiple strands if you desire and attaching the clasp securely at the end.
Let's be honest: creativity often comes in spurts, and whaddya know, free time does too. In fact, for many of us, free time is in such short supply that when you get an hour you feel like screaming from the rooftops and making the most of every minute. Thankfully, there are tons of different projects you can make by hand in 60 minutes or less. Here are 10 for you try.
Sara Barnes
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Make a Statement for Way Less $$