Make Your Feet Happy With 7 Handknit Socks

Knitting your first pair of socks is sort of a rite of passage for knitters. Socks can seem a bit fiddly to the uninitiated, but once you complete a pair you'll realize they are SO worth it.

Ease yourself into the wonderful world of socks with a heavier-weight pair (perfect for hiking or, you know, lounging). Then, once you're hooked (and trust us, you'll be hooked), cast on all the pairs we've rounded up here. Good news: socks are the perfect project to knit on the go, so you can always have a pair on your needles.

Your First Pair of Socks

These cuff-down socks are totally beginner friendly: staring at the cuff is a little less fiddly, and you can work them up in worsted-weight yarn for a quicker (and cozier!) sock.

First Toe-Up Socks

Toe-up socks are great for trying on as you go. The only thing that makes these socks tricky is the magic cast on you use to start the toe. But no worries; we’ll walk you through it step by step. Bonus: you can make these in sock-weight OR worsted-weight yarn.

Smocked Guernsey

This cuff-down sock uses a textured stitch pattern to highlight the hand-painted yarn. You’ll work a common heel flap and finish things off with the toe chimney (yup, that’s a real thing!).


This toe-up sock might look like you’re using lots of colors, but self-striping yarn does all the work for you. That way, you can focus on your reverse toe chimney, short-row heel, and all over cable pattern. Hooray for learning new skills!


Two yarns make this sock extra special. Even though the cuff-down construction and traditional heel flap make this sock familiar, there are still plenty of new techniques to learn: you’ll work a lined cuff, and use an all over slip-stitch pattern for easy colorwork.

Fiesta Socks

Once you’re comfortable with the mechanics of sock knitting, it’s time to have a little fun. Enter, the Fiesta Socks. These top-down wonders play with stitch patterns and color for a sock that is anything but boring. Just take these one round at a time!

Knit 'Em Two At A Time

No good sock roundup is complete without a shout out to the two-at-a-time method. This class shows you how to knit both socks at once, so there's no risk of Second Sock Syndrome. (In case you didn't know, that's a knitting ailment where you complete one sock, but never go back and knit the second one. Not that it's ever happened to us).

March 09, 2019
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Make Your Feet Happy With 7 Handknit Socks