Let the Good Times Roll With This Mardi Gras Fondant Tutorial

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is a carnival celebration that includes food, music, dancing and parades most known for taking place in New Orleans, LA. The commemoration leads up to the eve of Ash Wednesday, to take full advantage of the amazing food and partying just before Lent! So why not dec your cupcakes out with a little Mardi Gras flair?

Laissez les bons temps roulez (let the good times roll) with this fondant jester hat, perfect for your Mardi Gras cupcake design!


  • Purple, green and yellow  fondant
  • Water/edible glue and brush
  • Fondant rolling pin  with 1/8″ guide rings
  • 1/4" wooden dowels
  • Round  decorating tips  #2 and #10
  • 3 3/4" round scalloped cutter
  • Small round cutter (approx. 7/8")
  • Miniature square cutter
  • Rolling pastry cutter
  • Small modeling stick
  • Embossing mat (damask print)
  • Vegetable shortening
  • Gold shimmer dust
  • Water/vodka for painting

Step 1:

Roll out purple fondant thick with the rolling pin and 1/4" wooden dowels as guides. Cut out a small circle with the 7/8" round cutter.

Step 2:

Cut the circle in half using the rolling pastry cutter.

Step 3:

Roll both sides into balls, then mold it into a teardrop shape on your work surface.

Step 4:

Repeat these steps with the yellow and green colors.

Step 5:

Take two of the teardrop shapes in two different colors and glue them together. Adjust the shape as necessary and use any circular tips or cutters to lean it against to allow it to dry and hold its shape.

Step 6:

Repeat the step above with the remaining shapes, alternating the colors.

Step 7:

Glue all three shapes together in the center to create the jester hat and shape the bottom with your fingers to ensure it remains round for the bottom of the crown.

Step 8:

Roll out a long piece of purple fondant and with the rolling pastry cutter, trim a strip approximately 1/2".

Step 9:

Use one corner of the miniature square cutter to trim the top of the fondant strip to create a crown. If you do not have a similar cutter, you can use the tip of a triangle, teardrop or larger square cutters, or a precision knife.

Step 10:

With decorating tip #2, make little indentations across the crown.

Step 11:

With the small modeling stick, indent small circles across the bottom of the crown.

Step 12:

Shape the crown around the bottom of the jester hat, trim the excess and glue it in place.

Step 13:

Roll out purple, yellow and green fondant with the rolling pin 1/8" thick and use decorating tip #10 to cut a circle from each color.

Step 14:

Roll each circle into balls, then glue them to the tips of the jester hat. Replace the cutters you used to hold the sides up to allow the pieces of the jester hat to dry thoroughly (overnight).

Once the jester hat is completely dry and can safely hold its shape, continue with the following steps to finish decorating your cupcakes.

Step 15:

Roll out purple fondant with the rolling pin (a little thicker than the guide rings). Spread a bit of vegetable shortening across the surface and place the embossing mat over the fondant, making sure the pattern you want to highlight is facing down. Indent the pattern with the rolling pin, then cut out a circle with the 3 3/4" round scalloped cutter.

Step 16:

Ice the cupcake and place the purple fondant over it.

Step 17:

Mix the gold shimmer dust with a bit of vodka (the alcohol will evaporate), then use a small brush to paint the surface of the fondant according to the impressed pattern.

Step 18:

If desired, paint the jester hat with the gold mixture as well.

Step 19:

Glue the jester hat to the fondant surface of the cupcake.

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How will you be feting this Mardi Gras season?

March 01, 2014
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Let the Good Times Roll With This Mardi Gras Fondant Tutorial