15 Masculine Quilts You Can Make for the Men in Your Life

Bright, floral quilts are definitely lovable, but sometimes you want a pattern that's a little more masculine. And while the word "masculine" is totally subjective, in general we're talking quilts in more neutral colors, or those that steer clear of circles and other curvy shapes.

Whether you're quilting for you dad on Father's Day, making your husband a Valentine's Day gift , or whipping up a fun holiday present for your brother, these quilt patterns are sure to make the guy in your life smile.

1. Modern Technology

Take the traditional Birds in the Air block and turn it completely on its head. The result: a modern, one-of-a-kind quilt any guy would love draped on his couch.

2. Pathfinder

For the men who like a little pop of color, this modern masterpiece comes together quickly with fat quarters .

3. Sunburst Fractals

This quilt is made from neutral fabrics, but the result is anything but. Bonus: the bursting effect is made with half-square triangles , so it's the perfect project for beginner quilters or advanced pros who want to whip something up fast.

4. Paradise Valley

This simple, yet striking quilt has a major Southwest-meets-modern vibe. And if your guy doesn't like the blues, it's available in black and gray as well.

5. Southwest Sun

Warning: this quilt just might make you want to ride off into the sunset. (But that's not a bad thing!) Make it with HSTs, economy blocks and piecing on point.

6. Fractals

The best thing about this kit is you can follow our pattern exactly, or play with the fabric placement to customize your look. You have so much freedom!

7. Wavelength

If you l-o-v-e Bargello quilts , this pattern is calling your name. The quilt top is made by sewing strips of fabric together to create the appearance of movement , like beautiful rippling waves.

8. River Run

Inspired by nature, this quilt has a calming look that kinda makes you think of skipping stones in water. It's all thanks to the botanical-inspired fabric in shades of teal and tan.

9. Line of Sight Stripes

This quilt looks totally hypnotic, but it's actually super easy to piece. The secret? Half-square triangles, of course.

10. Campfire Dusk

Talk about cozy — this log cabin design is totally hearth-ready. It's the perfect quilt to cuddle up with on a cold winter's night.

11. Java Fractals

With its cool grayscale palette, scrappy appliqué method and inspo from the rare Javan rhino, there's so much to love about this quilt.

12. Bright Side

Pair brilliant colors with neutral fabrics and you'll end up with an incredibly wow-worthy project. The simple rectangular pieces come together fast, so you can quilt it from start to finish in just a weekend .

13. Shasta

Have you ever seen flying geese like this? The black-and-white twist gives the classic block a truly modern take that's worthy of becoming wall art.

14. Freeform

This quilt may look simple and improvised, but its smart angles and clever piecing are the keys to success. When it's made with neutral fabrics, it's bold without being too overwhelming.

15. The Lion

Take a walk on the wild side and quilt the king of the jungle. This paper-pieced beauty is something your guy won't be able to help roaring about.

March 12, 2020
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15 Masculine Quilts You Can Make for the Men in Your Life