Monet Would've Loved This Stunning 'Water Lilies' Cake

If you love decorating the things you bake but don't think of yourself as an artist, this cake inspired by Claude Monet's famous Water Lilies paintings just might adjust your attitude.

Yes, this cake is stunning, but it's easier to make than you might imagine — all you need are a few buttercream colors and one simple frosting technique. Learn this method and you'll be able to crush all kinds of cake designs, from fun under-the-sea scenes to magnificent sunsets.

Water Lilies Painted Cake

What You Need


1. Prep Your Buttercreams

Place all of your buttercreams into piping bags to make them easier to apply. You won't need any piping tips, just cut off the tips of your bags.

2. Create the Blue-And-White Backdrop

Start with the dark blue, light blue and white buttercreams. Pipe horizontal lines and squiggles all around the sides of your cake. They don't have to be perfect but it helps to keep things purposeful. I used the Monet painting for inspiration when placing my colors.

3. Smooth the Sides

Use your bench scraper to smooth and blend the colors all around the sides of your cake.

Stop and clean the scraper frequently to prevent the colors from getting too muddied.

4. Frost the Top

Holding the icing spatula horizontally with the blade slightly tilted, frost the top of the cake with a bit of buttercream, starting from the center; use dark blue, light blue, white or all three colors.

Smoothing the sides of the cake created a ridge of buttercream along the cake's top edge; smooth that down, moving your icing spatula towards the center. Work your way around the top of the cake until it's level and smooth.

5. Start Detailing the Greenery

You could totally stop here and I wouldn't be mad at you — it's just so pretty. But with a little bit of simple piping, the Water Lilies homage will be complete.

Pipe on short, vertical blades of grass with the dark-green buttercream. Use your paint brush to smear the lines a bit.

6. Paint the Lily Pads

Use the light-green buttercream to pipe on small oval lily pads within your blades of grass. Swirl and smear the buttercream using the paint brush. Try to pick up some of the other colors as you swirl and smear.

7. Add Some Pink

Pipe small pink dots onto the light green lily pads. Use your paint brush (clean off the green first!) to pull lines up and away from the pink dot, creating the shape of a small water lily. Again, it's great if some of the other colors show through or begin to bleed.

8. Top It Off

The cake is perfect without a topper but I just couldn't help but gild the lily (not sorry) and finish my cake with a pink and white chocolate flower . You could do the same, or finish yours with a sugar flower or even fresh flowers.

Go ahead and call yourself a cake artist now, because you are!

All images via  Erin Bakes

March 01, 2019
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Monet Would've Loved This Stunning 'Water Lilies' Cake