Need a Reason to Paint? We've Got a Few

We can all think of plenty of excuses not to paint: family obligations, work commitments, and not to mention a comfy couch that just happens to be parked in front of a TV.

But painting feels so good — we're reminded every time we pick up a brush! Creating a work of art allows you to momentarily lose yourself in the process of making. And the benefits really pile up: by letting yourself be creative, whether it’s every day or every week, you’ll tap into that feeling of inspiration that has a positive effect in other areas of your life, too.

So before you pass up your palette and pigments for yet another day, consider these great reasons to just. paint. something.

1. Because you won’t feel so bad about binge-watching reality TV

Go ahead — stream the latest season of that show you’ve been dying to watch (but no one else seems to enjoy). Just paint while you're at it so you don't have to call it a "guilty pleasure."

2. Because it's more fun than that chore you've been putting off

It's the fine art of paint-crastinating. The garbage can wait until after you’re done painting… and then maybe a little longer.

3. Because you're really digging the color yellow right now

You know that feeling when you just can’t resist the call of a particular hue? Answer it! That color obsession is a sign you're ready to make something awesome.

4. Because your cats are begging to have their portraits painted

Just think of yourself as the official feline portrait painter for your household. Don’t have pets? Try plants! We've heard plant-lady is the new cat-lady anyway.

5. Because there’s wine

Those "paint-and-sip" places took off for a reason: painting and Pinot are a match made in heaven. Uncork a bottle — red, white, or rose... take your pick — and let the creativity flow.

6. Because you want a “workout,” but not the kind that makes you sweaty

When you’re tempted to skip the gym, trade being sweaty for a creativity workout! You won’t be pumping iron, but you’ll be exercising a part of your brain that definitely deserves some love.

7. Because you want to feel like a kid again

Remember when you used to create things and not care about how they looked or who saw them? Painting is a great way to feel that way again.

8. Because the more you paint, the more paint you get to buy

There's something so satisfying about filling up a cart at the art supply store. So just think about it this way — the more pigment you put on your canvas, the more paint you’ll need to buy. Sneaky!

9. Because you’ve already scrolled through your Facebook AND Instagram feeds

Rather than cycling through Facebook-Instagram-Pinterest-Twitter-whathaveyou, create something awesome to post on your OWN social media account. And no shame if you don't finish a painting in one session — in-process photos are so cool.

10. Because your artsy friend wants to

And she'll probably bring wine.

November 13, 2018
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Need a Reason to Paint? We've Got a Few