New Year, New Projects, New Bluprint

Our new year’s resolution is to give you more of what you love



To everyone else, it’s the start of a new year. To us, it’s time to start new projects! After months of making gifts for others, the post-holiday season is our time to create whatever we want to knit, bake, sew, quilt, crochet, draw, paint… And Bluprint has everything you need to make the things you love.

Starting January 8, 2019, visit to get classes that are yours to keep forever, and kits and supplies to make everything you can dream up (and more). Looking for inspiration? Check out these classes and shows:

Check out these classes and shows:

  • Re:Fashion : Learn how to turn those “Why did I get this” items in your closet into “Where did you get that!” pieces with the inspiring sewing adventures of Marcy Harriell.
  • Baking Swaps : Does going without gluten, dairy, or animal products mean going without cake? No way! Baking guru Joshua John Russell shows you how to have your cake and eat it too with these ingenious ingredient swaps.
  • Sew the Fremont Bag : Professional bag maker Ellie Lum shares everything you need to create the Fremont bag, a gorgeous waxed canvas tote that is uniquely yours—because you make it.
  • Quilting Hacks : Get ready to kick your quilting skills up a notch with pro tips like raw-edge fusible appliqué, chain piecing, and more in this class from Anna Maria Horner.
  • Bluprint Spotify Channel : We love to listen to music while we work on our projects, so we’re sharing some of our favorite playlists with you on the Bluprint channel on Spotify.

And that’s just the beginning of all the great classes, projects, supplies, and shows we’ll have for you this year. Want to know what’s new at your Bluprint? Come back and visit us here for the latest. We can’t wait to make great things with you.

Our teachers are a little—okay, a lot—excited about the big change
When I moved to California from Brazil for my husband's job, I knew there would be challenges. But I never imagined that the answer to many of them would come from a pair of needles.
Damylles Kopper, as told to Beth Davidson
In 2013, an evening spent playing with art supplies changed the course of my life. I was recently divorced, recovering from four years of surgeries and a long hospital stay for a MRSA infection. My beautiful children had both flown far from the nest for exciting new lives in Texas and Ukraine.
Kateri Ewing
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New Year, New Projects, New Bluprint