4 Easy (and Fun!) Ways to Start Doodling

If the rise of the Google Doodle has taught us anything, it's that doodling isn't just absent-minded scribbling. In fact, the opposite is true! According to a much-viewed TED Talk , doodling can have a profound impact on the way we process information and figure out solutions to problems.

What does that mean, exactly? Basically, with every little line you draw, you're untangling knots in your mind. That can make you a clearer thinker — and a more creative artist.

Doodling is a deeply intuitive method of making art. It's also open to everyone, since there's no pressure for the finished piece to be "good."

That said, you might need some ideas to get you started. We've got oodles.

Lines and Marks

Experiment with different pen or pencil strokes and you may find yourself putting together mesmerizing forms and shapes. Combine patches of hatching, cross-hatching and scumbling and bring 'em together in a unique study.


Just about everyone has doodled words at some point in their life, like the name of a high-school crush (I heart you 4eva!) or just your own signature. Doodling words or letters can be an easy way to get started, and in this digital age, it can carry on the lost art of fine hand-lettering .

Geometric Shapes

Stars. Circles. Cubes. Hearts. Geometric shapes are excellent for doodling, since they're simple to make and easy to recognize. You can combine shapes, or simply explore one shape over and over in different sizes and forms.

Geometric shapes become extra interesting when you line them up, and you can even create mazes or 3D effects.


Smiley faces are a doodler's go-to, but it's also fun to play around with different emotions and expressions. Make each one crazier than the next!

Whatever You Can Imagine!

Once you've started doodling, you might be amazed by where it takes you. This method of "drawing fearlessly" can unlock ideas you didn't even know were kicking around in your brain. You can take any concept you've explored in doodling and work at it further in a more finished piece, branching out to different media.

December 29, 2018
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4 Easy (and Fun!) Ways to Start Doodling