Too Warm to Crochet? Not With Airy Openwork Crochet Patterns!

Can't imagine wearing anything crocheted during the hot summer months? Openwork crochet patterns are a perfect choice for summer crafting, leaving room between the stitches for fresh air to filter through. Plus, there are so many different types of openwork crochet to choose from, including vintage-inspired lace designs, graphic mesh patterns and expansive stitches like the Solomon's Knot. Here are 10 openwork patterns to enjoy in the warmer weather.

Image via Bluprint member Adorish

Lover's/ Solomon's Knot Wrap-Tie

Solomon's Knot, also known as Lover's Knot, is a fun openwork crochet stitch. It is made by building upon basic crochet skills and pulling standard stitches up into taller, more open designs. The spaces created may be small or large. This crochet wrap-tie top has large openwork Solomon's Knots  for a breezy, lacy feeling.

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Image via Bluprint member Agrarian Artisan

Semi Chevron Crochet Scarf

This simple crochet scarf pattern uses only the basic crochet stitches (chain stitches, single crochet and double crochet), but they are worked to create a pattern you've probably never quite seen before. In particular, the chain stitches are aligned so that they create an open and airy design.

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Image via Bluprint member Kristin Omdahl

Dressed to the Nines Crochet Wrap

This wrap, like the chevron scarf above, relies on an original use of crochet chains, combined with single and double crochet stitches, to create a fabulous, eye-catching design. This openwork crochet pattern makes a great lightweight wrap that can go with you anywhere on a warm summer evening.

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Image via Bluprint member Stephanie Swilley

Sage Tunic

This beautiful tunic design is made using hairpin lace, a terrific niche technique of crochet that creates an openwork look unlike any other. The loose shawl would be perfect to wear over a swimsuit to the beach or pool.

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Image via Bluprint member Stephanie Sario

Solomon Stitch Poncho

This crochet poncho pattern is unique because it uses bulky weight yarn and yet it's an openwork design. The contrast of a thick yarn with a lacy design is certainly intriguing. It's worked with a large hook, so it crochets up quickly.

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Image via Bluprint member queenofroc703511

Boho Circle Vest

This Stevie Nicks–inspired openwork crochet pattern has the bohemian boldness of retro crochet from the 1960s. The colorful pattern and open stitching makes it both attention-getting and wearable. This is definitely a statement piece for any wardrobe.

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Image via Bluprint member Aimarro Patterns

Chain Necklace

A crochet pattern doesn't have to be colorful and complex to attract attention. This simple chain necklace uses a big, bold openwork pattern to create a chain link necklace in glittering yarn. 

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Image via Bluprint member marifu6a

Crochet Mesh Blouse

This openwork crochet pattern looks complicated, but it's actually designed for beginners. It uses simple crochet stitches worked with a small crochet hook to achieve its dazzling, intricate effect.

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Mesh Slouchy Tam

Openwork crochet hat patterns are wonderful to make and wear during the warmer months of the year. This slouchy tam hat has a beach vibe and a pretty, lacy design.

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Filet a Papillons

Filet crochet is a terrific openwork niche of crochet that uses a graph pattern of double crochet stitches to let you make a wide variety of images in your designs. This filet crochet shawlette pattern gives us butterflies in the filet stitches.

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July 26, 2015
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Too Warm to Crochet? Not With Airy Openwork Crochet Patterns!