Our 2019 Craft Trend Predictions Are Here

What will be the IT crafts of 2019? We’ve been reading the tea leaves and…drum roll…we’re ready to spill the tea.

Overall, we’re seeing a move away from perfection and toward a bit more mess (amen to that!), the arrival of a more down-to-earth color palette (so long ultra violet and Millennial pink!), and the revival of an old favorite animal motif (all we can say is, awwwwwwww).

Our predictions — culled from trends we’re seeing in the home, fashion and crafting worlds, as well as what’s already starting to burn up social media — will inspire you to break out of your crafting comfort zone and make this your most creative year yet!

A New Bar

Photo by @twilightgardenshop

This looks good enough to lick, but don’t! These pops are actually the newest trend to come out the artisinal soap movement. Translucent or creamy, swirled or striped, smooth or spiked with petals and herbs, the pop-sibilities are truly endless.

They're easy to whip up using a melt-and-pour base and any popsicle mold (the trick is put the stick in when it’s just starting to set). A must-make for spring/summer 2019!

The Modern Rainbow

Photo by @abeautifulmess

Rainbows will continue to be ubiquitous, but this year we’ll see them come a bit closer to earth. The always-optimistic motif will be reborn in 2019 in a warmer, more neutral color palette. We’ll see makers experiment with gradations of warm beige, pumpkin, russet, taupe, rose, muted violets and earthy greens.

Sorry Roy G. Biv. But we’re lovin’ the rainbow’s new look. These toned-down stripes will be a lot easier to incorporate into our crafts, homes and everyday lives.

The Dirty Pour

Photo by @jenniferperkins

Things are about to get messy, as artists embrace a new form of completely utensil-free painting. Known as dirty pouring, it involves mixing multiple paint colors in the same container before pouring on canvas or other materials.

Here’s why we think it’s the bomb: The paints mix as they leave the cup, blending the colors and creating unexpected colors and ultra-cool effects. You can even do a double dirty pour (a blend of blues and greens in one cup; reds and yellows in another, for instance). Cheers to that!

Sloth Love

Photo by @mycarrotfever

Unicorns are so 2018. The new object of our artistic affection? The sweet, unassuming, meme-loving sloth. Long-time crafters will remember him from a few years back, and honestly, we're psyched to see him again.

Whether he’s leisurely crossing the road or hanging out upside down from the tropical trees, Mr. (or Ms.) Sloth takes time to enjoy the simple things in life. We heart his unhurried approach to life—and we’re making it our mission for the year!

Terrazzo Touches

Photo by @kailochic

Step aside, Seventies. The Eighties are having a moment. And while no one wants to see the perm return any time ever, we’re all jazz hands about the comeback of terrazzo tile.

This composite material is traditionally made with chips of marble, quartz, granite, and glass, but we're seeing the look recreated in everything from fabric to candles. This genius pillow was made by ironing odd-sized bits of heat transfer vinyl to a plain cover. Already want more? Check out these earrings. Piece out!

Orange is the New Pink

Photo by @sugarandcloth

After crush’n hard on pink for the last couple of years, the design world is ready to give a new hue its due. And it’s…orange! Before you roll your eyes, we’re not talking about the harsh (and universally unflattering) bright, sun-kissed kind. In keeping with 2019’s overall move toward toning it down, orange will take on a rich, warm and rusty patina this year.

Get ready to see this moody new hue crop up in just about every kind of handicraft — from home accessories to clothing to jewelry.

A Burning New Interest

Photo by @designsdalua

As makers continue to focus on upcycling and personalization, it’s not surprising that pyrography — the art of decorating wood with a heated object — is literally and figuratively catching fire. The technique can turn any plain wooden object into a bespoke treasure.

All you need to jump in on the trend is a pyrography pen (which typically come with interchangeable tips), something made out of wood (think cutting boards, utensils, frames or just a wood blank) and your imagination. We’re already dreaming about all the awesome gifts we’ll be giving for the holidays 2019!

December 28, 2018
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Our 2019 Craft Trend Predictions Are Here