Our Take on the Making It DIY Costume Challenge


When we heard about the Faster Craft challenge on this week's episode of Making It — to make a last-minute costume using the stuff you'd find in your junk drawer — we immediately thought of dressing up as our furry best friends. And you can make your own, too, just by following our simple tutorial. Keep this one in your back pocket for Halloween!

Make Your Own DIY Dog Mask

What you'll need:

  • A square cardboard box that will fit over your head
  • Plastic caps from two round spice jars
  • Blue paper
  • A paper cup
  • Heavy-duty black tape
  • A pink sponge
  • Two mop heads
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • A pencil or marker

Step 1: Make the dog's face!

Your puppy dog mask will need eyes, a snout and a tongue. Let's start with the eyes: Take two caps from plastic, round spice jars and cut off the flaps. Then, using the caps as a template, trace a circle on blue paper. Cut out the circle and cut it in half, then glue a semi-circle into each spice lid.

Next up, the snout! Cover a paper cup in black tape (which helps keep the cup sturdy). Cut the cup in half lengthwise, then snip two semi-circles out of the bottom of the cup for the dog's nostrils.

And of course, the dog's tongue! Trim two of the corners off a pink kitchen sponge.

Glue all these pieces onto the cardboard box. Just be sure to cut out spaces for the eyes so that you can see!

Step 2: Give the pup some fur

For the dog's fur, we'll use a few mop heads (clever, huh?). Start by hot gluing a whole mop head right on top of the box, so that the threads hang in front of the face. Then it's haircut time! Trim away some of the strings so that you can see the facial features. Don't throw away the scraps! Gather them up and wrap them with tape — you can hot glue the back of the tape and place them under the dog's snout and tongue.

Glue the second mop head right next to the first, this time arranging

Step 3: Ears up!

Grab a handful of the string on one side of the top of the dog's head, and bunch 'em up. Tie the mound of string together with a scrap.

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Our Take on the Making It DIY Costume Challenge