8 Knitting Patterns All Pet Lovers Should Stitch

When it's time to bust that yarn stash , there's nothing better than stitching something cute (and functional!) for your pet. Whether you want to knit your dog a fashionable sweater or whip up a cozy cat bed, they'll love these knits as much as you love making 'em.

1. Snuggle Snack

For cats or small dogs, snuggle sacks are a simple knit your animal can cuddle up with. And because it's made with only the easy peasy knit stitch , even first-time knitters can make it.

Keep your small dog, cat, hamster or iguana cozy with this easy-to-knit snuggle sack!

2. Garter Stitch Shelter Blanket

Knit up a simple garter stitch blanket for your pet, and while you're at it stitch a few more for the dogs and cats who are still waiting to find a home. Contact your local animal shelter to see if they have a need, then put your knitting skills to good use!

3. Felt Cat Cave

Once you knit this cat bed, felt it by throwing it in the wash on a hot-water cycle to make it even cozier. Felines will love curling up inside, and you can even add hand embroidery stitches for extra embellishment.

4. Lion Mane

The only thing more fun than making this lion mane is taking bets on how long your cat will actually wear it. Attach the fringe with a crochet hook and add a button at the bottom to clasp it. You'll have the cutest little lion!

Photo via Bluprint member innerShelter

5. Jingle Mouse Toy

This cat toy should be on every owner's to-knit list. The mouse is super small, so it's a super-quick knit and perfect for using up scrap yarn. Just nestle a jingly bell in the body with some stuffing , seam it up and watch your cat play for hours. And if they really love their new toy, you can always knit a fish to go with it !

Photo via Bluprint member Dooley and Spud

6. Striped Dog Sweater

Make your BFF just as stylish as you are with this adorable dog sweater! The ribbing allows you to customize that perfect fit, and you can skip the stripes to knit it all one color or customize your own design.

Photo via Bluprint member evelynArts.com

7. Plush Pet Bed

Stock up on super soft yarn and knit a comfy bed for your pets. The pattern comes with instructions for four different sizes, so you can make it to fit your kitty cat or a big dog. Plus, there are four different motifs to knit — fish, hearts, bones and paw prints. How cute is that?

Photo via Bluprint member ShiriDesigns

8. ROLF Dog Leash and Bow Tie

This quick-stitch project only takes about 100 yards of sport-weight yarn , and you can use any colors to make it totally your own. Just make sure your yarn is washable — especially if your dog loves jumping in puddles and mud.

Photo via Bluprint member Linda R Schmidt

April 17, 2020
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8 Knitting Patterns All Pet Lovers Should Stitch