Eyes On The Pies (And Tarts!): 9 Faves To Make All Year

No matter the question, pie is always the answer. And these tried-and-true recipes are all the proof we need.

1. Apple (Pie) of Our Eye

Using two kinds of apples — one firm, one softer — is the texture trick here. As for flavor, we have two words: salted caramel.

2. Fancy Up That Fruit

If you've been wanting to nail the lattice crust technique, here's your chance. This recipe stars strawberries and rhubarb with a hit of bourbon. (Whoa!) But you can apply the same crust techniques anywhere you want.

3. S’mores, But Make It a Tart

We're all "oooh" and "aahhh" over that glossy ganache. And it turns out the secret is controlling the temperature of the chocolate and cream as you whip up the luscious mix. Call this the fanciest campfire treat you’ll ever taste.

4. Cream of the Crop

Level-up your basic berry pie game with a braided crust and silky, smooth Bavarian cream topping. You can even make this beauty a day ahead!

5. Fill ‘Er Up!

"Clafouti" sounds fancy, but it's actually one of the simplest tarts you can make. Just load up your crust with cherries, pour on a simple custard and bake. A touch of lavender makes this one extra special.

6. Cranberries: Not Just For Sauce!

Make this easy filling days or even weeks ahead — it freezes flawlessly. Just spread it in your shaped crust when you're ready, layer on a pretty top, and that pie is ready for the oven!

7. Just Peachy

This just in: the joy of peach season now lasts all year. That's because this amazing pie uses frozen peaches. They get roasted first for an extra flavor punch.

8. Craving Something Sweet?

Strawberries and sugar have always had a love affair, and they’re the focus of this sweet recipe. If you can’t wait to dig in, try the ice bath technique to speed up your prep time!

9. Apple Pie, Minus the Pie

Same classic taste, all-new treat! Sometimes you’ve gotta shake it up, and this pie is totally out-of-the-box.

January 27, 2019
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Eyes On The Pies (And Tarts!): 9 Faves To Make All Year