Pipe It Like You Mean It With These 10 Awesome Buttercream Techniques

Who you calling basic (buttercream)? Grab your tips, fill your bags, and get ready to explore a whole new universe of piping ideas.

1. Knit One, Pipe Two

All you need is a writing tip and this simple technique to make your dessert look like you whipped it up out of yarn.

2. Thread Up

Talk about pretty: It's easy to mimic fancy braided stitching just by piping tight circles in a line.

3. Be A Basket Case

Basket weaving … not so easy. A cake that looks woven? Actually easier than you might think.

4. Pipe + Stripe

Break out your ruler! Buttercream stripes are easy to do, but to get them perrrfeect you’ll need to measure first. (Seriously!)

5. Drop (String) It Like It’s Hot

Is it really a celebration without some bunting? Make the perfect drop strings by using a paper doily as a guide.

6. Ruffle Some Icing

File this under not-as-hard-as-it-looks: These ruffles are seriously gorgeous and surprisingly forgiving.

7. Pattern Play

Squiggles, stripes, dots … you can get them all with classic buttercream and a simple circular tip.

8. Not So Naked

A naked chocolate cake makes this chantilly lace design really pop. And yes, you CAN do it freehand.

9. Shell My Belle

Here's all the proof you need that a simple shell design, done on repeat, can be spectacular. It's so easy you may feel like you're cheating a little!

10. Push Those Petals

If you can pipe a border, you can cover a cake in this clean, modern petal motif. So fresh, so satisfying and sooooo lovely when it's all done.

January 08, 2019
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Pipe It Like You Mean It With These 10 Awesome Buttercream Techniques