Play With Your (Quilt) Blocks: The Snowball


While at first glance the humble snowball quilt block may not knock your socks off, it's actually capable of building some pretty amazing quilts, if you give it a chance. Check out these 6 beauties, all made with simple snowball blocks (okay, we maybe cheated on the last one...).


Play around with fabric colors and placement for fun and modern layouts like the gradient one above. Use all solids and arrange in an ombre formation. Simple yet stunning.


This is a savvy way to use up scraps or pre-cut bundles. Just choose any size snowball block and repeat the block over and over, varying the colors however you like.

Inside Out

Play around with white space by making the snowball quilt block "inside out," with the colored or printed fabric in the corners. The large square of the snowball block becomes the neutral background fabric (great for free-motion quilting!). The small corner squares are the main event. Again, use up your scraps or a variety of fabrics.

Different sizes

Make various sizes of the snowball quilt block and combine them into one quilt. For this version, the larger block needs to be double the size of the smaller block. For example, make the small snowball blocks 6" finished and the large blocks 12" finished.


Use the the snowball block to create new blocks and shapes. In this example, see how four snowball blocks together make for a pretty flower block? You just need to change out one corner square of each block to create the center of the flower. You're still using the simple snowball block, but arranging in a way that makes a brand new shape. 


Use the snowball block as an accent to another traditional block such as the friendship star block. Alternate the blocks as you lay them out and see what comes up! As you can see in this example, you'll discover patterns and shapes you didn't even know were there.

With their easy construction, simple piecing and minimal fabric requirements, snowball blocks are a solid choice for quilting newbs. They work well in a starring role, but also can do heavy lifting as filler blocks: definitely a quilt block you want in your arsenal. We'll show you how to make them, step by step.
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Play With Your (Quilt) Blocks: The Snowball