10 FREE Scrap-Friendly Plushie Patterns


Quick, sweet and sentimental, plushies or stuffed animals are fantastic projects for beginners and more advanced sewers alike. The best part? They're economical! Download a free plushie pattern, use spare fabric scraps and buttons, and recycle stuffing from old pillows or toys — you'll have a new project without spending a dime!

Choose your favorite plushie pattern to sew next!

Photo via Bluprint member  Gingermelon

1. Snuggle Bunny and Kitty

These cuties are made of felt and the pattern includes smart instructions for how to draw grids to help you position the embroidered facial features, arms and ears. Other nice touches are the pink cheeks, made with a pink pencil, and the pompom tails! Don't forget to use erasable ink pens for this, and test them on a little scrap of fabric. 

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2. Chicken Little

These little hens are cute, easy and pretty versatile: according to the designer (who is also the instructor for our  Fusible Appliqué Made Easy class), they can be filled with something weighty to become fun pattern weights, or you can add a ribbon loop on their back seam and hang them as an ornament.

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3. Rainbow Rattle Baby Toy

An easy pillow can easily be transformed in a charming playful stuffed toy just by adding rainbow rickrack and including a rattle inside. Little kids will love it!

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4. Alpaca Mini Puffs

Plushies can be mini in size but huge in cuteness, and these 2-inch-tall sheep are the proof! The tutorial included with this plushie pattern teaches you how to embroider the face, how to add beads and how to sew the tiny pattern pieces together by hand. 

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5. Fall Hare

This 8" hare made it to my heart — I am not sure if it's the pink nose or the blue eyes or the repurposed wool fabric, but I truly have a thing for it! The designer suggests adding lavender to the filling to make it smell heavenly. I think this is a smart idea that can apply to all of the toys in this list to make sure your little ones will love them even more!

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6. Foxlette Fox

Another great easy plushie pattern made using repurposed materials: these sweet sweater foxes! The designer suggests you use a sweater with little or no stretch. A great way to make any sweater stable is to purposely felt it in your washing machine .

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Photo via Bluprint member Snugglebug University

7. Bookworm Cloth Doll

Can we really talk about plushie patterns without including a cloth doll? I am sure there's a law that says we can't! This specific doll with another free pattern for clothes. The whole Snugglebug project has a  story  that is worth reading, in my humble opinion.

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8. Cardinal

This is probably the only pattern on this list that I wouldn't suggest to a beginner. Per the designer's instructions, you need to know several tricky techniques, including adding seam allowances (which aren't built in). That said, the finished project has a professional quality, and it would make a fabulous gift.

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9. Little Larks

These lovely larks are actually meant to be lavender sachets to hide in your closet, but I can see them as party favors or keychains since they're just 3" tall. Plus, they can be made of fabric scraps!

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Photo via Bluprint member  Hopeful Threads

10. Monster Fluff

These monster plushie patterns are more squishy than scary — they look adorable to me! Make sure to sew the buttons with a heavy-duty, quality polyester thread  so they won't detach when a little kid puts them in his mouth!

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