Project Runway Recap: 3 Ways to Get Inspired From This Week's Show on Bravo

Talk about forward-thinking! In the latest episode of Bravo's Project Runway, the designers made it clear they aren't afraid to take a peek at the future, what with their cutting-edge designs, techniques and accessories. Neither are we — here's how we're channeling all the creativity from this second challenge into our own capsule collection of out-of-this-world ideas.

Use Tulle in a New Way

One of the designers was obsessed with all things tulle — a tricky material to reinvent since it's been BFFs with tacky bridesmaid dresses for so long. Our secret to making the stiff, sheer material cool again: using it in lighter-than-air embroidery designs.

Embroidery just keeps getting cooler and cooler. First there was 3D embroidery serving up major Insta-envy, and now we're heart eyes for the latest trend: sheer embroidery. Not familiar? Let us show you all the ways you can use see-through fabrics — think tulle, organza and silk — to create stunning designs that look like they're floating on glass.

Make the Most Flattering Neckline

Whether you're spotlighting an edgy body modification like the designers, or just highlighting your favorite statement jewelry, knowing how to adjust a neckline is key to having a wardrobe that looks best on you. These lessons break it down, so you can turn any top into a totally flattering frame for your face, necklace or any other — um — asset!

Meet your instructor, Suzy Furrer, and learn more about the necklines and techniques covered in your class.

Bring Your Own Body Mod

If the show left you yearning for a cool (but not permanent!) body mod of your own, it's time to learn the crochet crocodile stitch. Then you can make a scale-y accessory in a neutral fabric, giving you a fun DIY twist on the trend. Bring on that touchable texture!

Meet Moogly mastermind Tamara Kelly, who begins with a quick conversation about how crocodile stitch works. Then, follow along to create your base layer of mesh crochet, and learn how to create the additional layers that will become your crocodile scales. That's the crocodile stitch!
Jessica Long is back in action in RUNWAY REMAKE, our exclusive digital series that takes its cues from Bravo's Project Runway challenges. Tune in to see how she uses 3D embroidery to make her hoop high fashion!

Let's Sharpen Your Skills!

On every episode of Bravo’s Project Runway, you can bet a designer will struggle with something creatively. If only they had Bluprint on the brain! Each week, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite mishaps (been there!) — and share easy ways to fix them.

Make Something Fast

It's a classic mistake: Designers think there's plenty of time to get a project done, only to end up racing the clock. To bust out a quick project, learn how to whip up a simple (but chic!) circle skirt. New outfit, done.

Perfect Your Patterns

It can be tempting to just cut and go — especially when you’re in a time crunch! — but one designer’s work made it clear just how important meticulous pattern making really is. Level up your skills in draping and patterning , and you may just find yourself at the front of the pack.

Project Runway airs on Bravo Thursday nights at 8/7c

March 22, 2019
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Project Runway Recap: 3 Ways to Get Inspired From This Week's Show on Bravo