Project Runway Recap: 3 Bold Projects We Can't Wait to Make After This Week's Show on Bravo


Between the interactive, larger-than-life rooms and the big, bold looks coming from each designer, this week's episode of Project Runway has us revved up and ready to create. If your fingers are buzzing with maker mojo too, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Fill the Room With Flowers

Florals may not be groundbreaking for spring, but two designers made it clear that summer is the season to be inspired by blooms. You could embroider them , make a scrap-busting felt necklace , or even turn giant pieces of paper into blossoming wall decor.

Paper flowers bring color and joy to any fete, and you'll learn how to make these oversized eye-catchers. From cutting, folding, and layering, to adding color and embellishments, Kristen has you covered.

Pick Up Pottery

One designer channeled the art of pottery into her design, creating a sophisticated, earthy look — and making us want to try our hand at the potter's wheel. This intro to pottery class shows you how to make an artsy mug from start to finish, or you could sculpt a cool clay planter, no wheel or kiln required.

If you're a #plantparent, you've got to have the very best home for your botanical offspring. These DIY planters are easy to make and personalize for your style — and you probably have most of the supplies you need already lying around your house (no fancy pottery wheel or kiln required here!).

Ring Around the Rose Gold

We couldn't get enough of the rose gold fabric one designer chose to make a show-stopping dress, which is why you can find us hand-painting rose gold sequins on cake and crafting these metallic hoop earrings. (All while sipping rosé, of course!)

The simple hoop earring is everything. It works with any outfit, never looks like you’re trying too hard and refuses to go out of style.
NBC's Making It finalist Jo Gick stars in this week's episode of RUNWAY REMAKE, our exclusive digital series that takes its cues from Bravo's Project Runway challenges. Tune in to see how she shows off a love of sewing with a larger-than-life wall art installation!

Let's Sharpen Your Skills!

On every episode of Bravo’s Project Runway, you can bet a designer will struggle with something creatively. If only they had Bluprint on the brain! Each week, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite mishaps (been there!) — and share easy ways to fix them.

Bone Up Those Garments

One designer used a lot of structural boning to make elements of his design levitate. Do the same for your outfits with these tutorials on invisible, designer and mid-panel bone casings.

Reignite Your Creativity

Designing on the spot is tough (especially after 11 weeks of challenges!), but science shows that creativity actually brings you more joy. If you need to rediscover your own creative spark, here are nine ways to do it on the daily.

Project Runway airs on Bravo Thursday nights at 9/8c

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Project Runway Recap: 3 Bold Projects We Can't Wait to Make After This Week's Show on Bravo