Project Runway Recap: Inspo Ran Wild on This Week's Show on Bravo!

It was all about surviving in style this week on Bravo's Project Runway. The designers were tasked with making unconventional materials look cooler-than-cool, and as usual they did not disappoint. Take a cue from their outdoor adventures with these projects that are all about nature and, well, going just a little bit wild.

Weave Your Heart Out

When there's rope on hand and fashion in the air, there's truly only one thing to do: weave! We cheered out loud seeing one designer bust out this awesome technique, and can't wait to use it ourselves on a bag, fringed scarf and maybe even some plaid dishtowels.

Weave your first project: a small, sturdy bag! You'll learn to warp for this project project and see how color changing yarns work up on the loom. Then, wet finish it to allow the fibers to relax.

Reimagine Quilt Materials

A few designers were inspired by sleeping bags for their over-the-top runway looks, and we couldn't help dreaming up other ways to get that same puffed-up vibe. The answer: a quilted jacket. Genius.

Meet your instructor, Mary Ray, and learn more about your class.

Arrange Flowers in a Fresh Way

Petals are a no-brainer when the great outdoors is your source of inspiration. To keep yours from looking like they came from a gaudy souvenir shop, try crafting them out of the most delicate colored paper.

The wild rose is one of the most simple and stunning flowers to make. Meet Kate and start by learning how to make the stamen. Then shape the petals and assemble your rose. Add a mitered leaf for a bit of greenery.
James Worsham is back in action in RUNWAY REMAKE, our exclusive digital series that takes its cues from Bravo's Project Runway challenges. Tune in to see how he brings the outdoors inside with a fern screen installation!

Let's Sharpen Your Skills!

On every episode of Bravo’s Project Runway, you can bet a designer will struggle with something creatively. If only they had Bluprint on the brain! Each week, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite mishaps (been there!) — and share easy ways to fix them.

Sew a Comfortable Bra

We learned in this episode that it is possible to make a bra out of tree bark (who knew?), but those who want a little less bite in their undergarments may want to opt for a smoother — and slightly more comfy — finish. Learn which materials work best , along with how to make the fit juuust right.

Custom-Fit Those Clothes

It finally happened: the classic skirt splitting down the middle on one model, while another trips down the runway in her too-long dress. It just goes to show how important tailoring is, so brush up on those skills before risking your own fashion faux pas.

Project Runway airs on Bravo Thursday nights at 8/7c

April 05, 2019
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Project Runway Recap: Inspo Ran Wild on This Week's Show on Bravo!