Project Runway Recap: 3 Ways to Tap Your Creative Superpowers After This Week's Show on Bravo

Game on! In this week's episode of Bravo's Project Runway, the designers created their own video game characters — complete with an imaginary world and mission — before designing a look to match. We came away totally inspired to be our own mission masters with these fun projects. So that's exactly what we're gonna do.

Sketch Your Superhero

The designers had the help of video game experts to visualize their creations, but you can take that power into your own hands! Learn how to sketch a character anime-style: she'll pop on the page with looks that have just as much depth and dimension as her backstory.

Meet your instructor, anime artist Cotty Kilbanks, as you start your first sketch: a basic chibi character. Use Cotty's tips on drafting guidelines to help you as you begin to work on your character's features. Then gain confidence developing light and shadows.

Bake a Heroic Scene

Video games are more than characters — they're all about that fantasy environment, too. Learn how to render an eye-popping cityscape in fondant and frosting, then top it with your hero of choice!

Meet your instructor, famed cake artist Mike McCarey, who will share his secrets to making superhero cakes resembling any masked or caped crusader you can imagine. Discover the three characteristics that make superheroes unique and find out how to incorporate these characteristics into any cake.

Create a Life-Saving Look

The judges had no use for anything "costume-y" in this superhero challenge, but we say, why not? If you want to channel your inner Batman or Wonder Woman before saving the world, the how-to is here.

Serve justice in style with a bodysuit, cape-blazer and bat mask you sew yourself! Marcy shows you how.

Zoe Hong stars in this week's episode of RUNWAY REMAKE, our exclusive digital series that takes its cues from Bravo's Project Runway challenges. Tune in to see how she designs chic, high-stakes outfits for video game characters!

Let's Sharpen Your Skills!

On every episode of Bravo’s Project Runway, you can bet a designer will struggle with something creatively. If only they had Bluprint on the brain! Each week, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite mishaps (been there!) — and share easy ways to fix them.

Tame Tricky Fabric

More than one designer struggled to master tougher materials this week. Whether you want to work with faux leather, neoprene or mesh , these are the sewing tricks that'll ensure your look doesn't equal game over.

Make Accurate Marks

We saw a designer really struggle when his crucial alteration marks disappeared after he'd steamed his work in progress. Avoid a similar fate by making sure you know exactly which marking tool is best for your project. (And think twice before breaking out that steamer!)

Project Runway airs on Bravo Thursday nights at 9/8c

April 19, 2019
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Project Runway Recap: 3 Ways to Tap Your Creative Superpowers After This Week's Show on Bravo