Project Runway Recap: 3 Ways We're Prepping for Vacay After This Week's Show on Bravo

Sun, sand and style — it's all coming in waves thanks to this week's Project Runway episode. After watching the designers create cohesive beach, day and evening looks that oozed vacation vibes, here's what we're making for our own great escape.

A Cute Tunisian Clutch

When you're off on an adventure, the last thing you want is a heavy bag weighing you down. This lightweight clutch holds all your essentials and, when made in neutral colors, matches each and every outfit. (Psst: If you're diggin' the crochet look, you can make over a pair of plain flip-flops for another stylish touch.)

Raffia yarn plus Tunisian crochet may just be our favorite summer combo. This go-to clutch is lightweight (thanks, raffia!), but can also hold all the essentials for a night on the town. Make one to go with every outfit, because of course you should.

Personalized Beach Towels

One designer "embroidered the crap out of" a cinched waist belt, but that's only one way to put your embroidery machine to work. We're using ours for monogrammed beach towels, because who wants to lose their stuff in the sand?

Meet Deborah and learn about stabilizing methods. Get to know different machine settings and common issues with terrycloth.

Custom Swimsuits

Swimsuit shopping can be a total drag, so we're skipping the drama and making one that looks juuust right. Once we've got the best fabric in hand , it's all about a supportive, stylish fit.

Meet swimwear sewing expert Beverly Johnson! You'll begin class by taking four key measurements, choosing a pattern for your one-piece suit, making fit modifications and learning how to draft a bra-style back if desired. Then, you'll see how to choose swimwear fabric and get tips for layout and cutting.
When our Man About Cake host isn't creating cakes, he’s getting into fashion. See how JJR uses inspiration from Bravo's Project Runway to sketch and build a fashion-forward masterpiece! (Psst: He gets a little help from a special — and very stylish — guest!)

Let's Sharpen Your Skills!

On every episode of Bravo’s Project Runway, you can bet a designer will struggle with something creatively. If only they had Bluprint on the brain! Each week, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite mishaps (been there!) — and share easy ways to fix them.

Protect Precious Fabrics

One designer had a major oops moment when he put a hot iron directly on his synthetic swimwear fabric. Holy meltage! Save yourself from the same fate with these easy tips that'll protect your materials while pressing .

Properly Fit Pants

Another designer struggled to construct a pair of pants in the one-day time frame. If she had these quick-fit techniques that alter the tissue pattern (you only need one measurement!), she might have avoided some pretty harsh comments from the judges!

Project Runway airs on Bravo Thursday nights at 9/8c

May 03, 2019
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Project Runway Recap: 3 Ways We're Prepping for Vacay After This Week's Show on Bravo