7 Projects to Get Your Sewing Room Organized (and Keep It That Way!)

Admit it: it's easy to lose control of your sewing space to fabric, thread and other tools. But we're here to fight back against clutter and keep your craft room mess-free. Say hello to your new favorite organizers — that you get to DIY!

1. Easy Fabric Bin

Here's a genius idea: Store your fabric in your fabric. This bin is crazy cute and so simple to make. Even if you’re just starting your sewing journey , you can finish this quick-stitch project in a single afternoon.

There's no better way to store your crafting gear than in a cute fabric bin — that you sewed yourself, of course.

2. Catch-All Caddy

This bag is big and filled with pockets that are just beggin’ to be filled with your sewing notions. The different-sized compartments can fit anything, from your pin cushions and shears to that growing fabric stash. Whatever your gear, you can find a place for it in this caddy!

3. Nesting Baskets

These beauties are the ultimate space saver. Simply fill ‘em with your supplies and stack one on top of the other. When they’re not being used, you can store them inside each other.

4. Painted Rope Basket

If you’re looking for a slightly less technical (but still cute) project, grab some clothesline rope and hot glue. Shape it to fit your needs, paint it to match your crafting space and voilà — you’ve got the perfect place to store your tools.

Hey crafters, this basket is a lifesaver. Make it in a day, paint it to match your personality, then use it to store all that yarn you've got laying around. Of course, these baskets can be used in all kinds of ways (cute plant cozy, anyone?).

5. Sewing Supplies Basket

You know how annoying it is when you’re fumbling around a big, cluttered bag and can't find the fabric pen that somehow managed to fall all the way to the bottom? Yeah, you won’t have that problem here. Easy access to your sewing gear is this design’s strength, all thanks to the pleated pockets that wrap around the exterior.

6. Quilted Basket

Say hello to a practical project that also shows off your free-motion quilting skills. Follow the tutorial to make a dramatic triangle design, or go rogue and free-motion your own pattern . The best part? These baskets are the perfect size for storing all of your fat quarters. Say buh-bye to clutter!

7. Everything in Its Place Organizer Kit

Yep, this guy is the ultimate sewing room organizer. It’s gorgeous, travel-friendly and comes with everything you need to keep your sewing baubles sorted. Love!

July 12, 2019
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7 Projects to Get Your Sewing Room Organized (and Keep It That Way!)