11 Punch Needle Crafts You're Going to Love Making

Take traditional embroidery and turn it on its head with one key tool: the punch needle. Also known as needle punching , the craft uses embroidery floss or yarn to create bold texture and beautiful designs on monk's cloth. Fiber fanatics can't got enough of the fun, easy-to-learn technique, so get in on the craze with one (or all!) of the projects below.

1. Abstract Tote

Your new go-to bag is only a few punches away. This modern, abstract design keeps it simple, so even first-time needle punchers can craft with confidence.

Make your own punch needle tote bag in just a few hours! In this short project tutorial, designer Rose Pearlman shares pro tips for completing her abstract design. It's a quick and easy project for fiber fanatics of all levels.

2. Dinner Party Trivets

Give your dinner table a touch of personality, whether you're hosting all your BFFs or just having a cozy night in. Our lamb's tongue and pig's head patterns give a funky nod to a truly delicious feast.

Whether you're hosting a whole crew of friends or simply serving your favorite dishes for a relaxing night in, there's nothing cuter than setting said meals on top of trivets that totally speak to your personality. These pig's head and lamb's tongue designs from our Maker Knows Best series are easy to make using basic punch needle techniques. Grab the templates, thread your needle and start punching!

3. Walrus Stuffed Animal

This walrus is insanely cute, not to mention super easy to stitch. Make one for the marine mammal-lover in your life or, if you're feeling in the zone, create a whole herd.

We don't know what we love more about this walrus: how cute it is, or how easy it is to make! This is a great beginner craft for any newbie punch needle artist.

4. Triangle Barrette

Rule number one for rocking any updo: make sure you have a gorgeous barrette. This design is cute, trendy and easy to make in a single sitting so, yeah — mission accomplished.

We can't get enough of this design by Arounna Khounnoraj — it's cute, trendy and easy to knock out in a weekend. Plus, it's a great way to use all those yarn scraps you have lying around. Let's get punching!

5. Frog Patch

Just because you're sleeping outside doesn't mean you can't look good. A punch needle frog patch is the perfect blend of outdoorsy and campy — just think of how cute it'll look when sewn onto a bucket hat!

Nothing gets you in the camping mood more than some nature-inspired accessories. With a simple template, yarn and fabric scraps, you can needle punch a frog patch that's cute enough to stitch on any campwear.

6. Portrait Pet Bed

Capture your fur baby's likeness while giving them a super soft bed to lie on. All you need is fabric the color of your pup (or cat) and some yarn to design their cute face.

They say to let sleeping dogs lie, so you may as well give them an adorable pet bed to do it on. Simply grab wool fabric that matches your pet's coat, then needle punch their defining features for the cutest little project. (Or big — you can easily resize this tutorial if you have, say, a Great Dane.)

7. Rainbow Clutch

Make a clutch that'll outshine all other bags and store your on-the-go craft supplies. Start with a blank canvas pouch (or sew your own clutch), design a template and get to punching.

That's right: the cutest pouch you've ever seen is only a few punches away! Take advantage of the punch needle trend and design a one-of-a-kind clutch that'll store your phone, cash and (of course) crafting supplies.

8. Starry Starry Blanket

Bring your stargazing A-game with a cozy wool blanket punched with your favorite constellations. (Hello, zodiac sign !) Print the template and align the stars however you like — it's so easy to customize this design.

The first rule of camping: you've gotta bring your stargazing A-game. That means having a cozy blanket, preferably one with needle-punched constellations. This design features the Big and Little Dippers on wool fabric — follow our template or go wild and punch the whole Milky Way.

9. Personalized Pet Bed

Let sleeping dogs lie ... on a bed that's just for them. Whether you're making for Spot, Fido or Freckles, punch their name onto a soft bed that'll look cute in their corner of the room.

Forget run-of-the-mill pet beds — your furry friend deserves a custom design. Whether you're making one for Ollie or Spot or Freckles, this needle punched bed is so comfy and cozy it's sure to be put to good use.

10. Wedding Ring Pillow

Quilting and needle punching collide in this craft modeled after the classic wedding ring quilt block . It'd be a great anniversary gift for your partner, or for a friend who's about to tie the knot.

Craft worlds collide, and it's never been cozier. Pay homage to a traditional wedding ring quilt block with a punch needle pillow sham. It adds a DIY touch to your bed and makes a romantic gift for your partner on Valentine's Day. So the only question is: why wouldn't you stitch it?

11. Mood Pillow

Whether you're feeling more extroverted or just want some alone time, let others know your mood with a quick flip of a pillow. Stitch "yes" on one side and "no" on the other and display as needed.

In the mood to hang, or just want to be alone and give yourself some TLC? Say it with a pillow! Punch an enthusiastic "yes!" on one side and a "no" on the other to tell everyone your mood, then flip and display as needed.

February 21, 2020
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11 Punch Needle Crafts You're Going to Love Making