It's Tip Tuesday! (5 Quilting Lifesavers Inside)

We know that a little tip can turn into a huge lifesaver. That's why every Tuesday this month, we're putting together a stash of trusty tricks and shortcuts, courtesy of our favorite quilters.

Enjoy these 5 fresh ideas to get things started — and don't forget to visit our Quilt Savvy page for more bite-sized inspiration!

From Ashley Smith:

Tip No. 6

Mark the back of your ruler with washi tape when cutting strips of the same size. Then there's no need to double check your measurement!

From Cherie Killilea :

Tip No. 7

The shallower the drawer, the easier it is to organize your thread.

From Ashley Smith:

Tip No. 8

Prolong the life of your iron by using distilled water.

From Lee Chappell Monroe

Tip No. 9

Put a piece of foam shelf liner beneath your machine to eliminate any bouncing.

From Barb Eikmeier :

Tip No. 10

Tape an empty thread cone on the end of your machine to hold your scissors at the ready.

If you missed Tips 1 through 5, see them here . And discover a world of inspiration in our Quilt Savvy roundup !

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What are your top quilting tips?

January 24, 2017
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It's Tip Tuesday! (5 Quilting Lifesavers Inside)