Painting With Color: 6 Stunning Rainbow Quilt Ideas

Imagine that a perfectly delicious bundle of rainbow-colored fabric landed on your cutting table. What would you make with it? Perhaps you already have plenty of rainbow-colored fabric scraps in your stash to get started. Whether you are interested in quilting with solids or sewing with fabulous fabric prints, the possibilities are endless. Sewing with a spectrum of fabric colors leads to bold and vibrant quilts that are great to display year-round.

If your fabric stash is lacking in one area or another, you can even search the Bluprint shop for quilting fabrics sorted by color: red, yellow, green, blue, and more.

Check out the rainbow quilt ideas in the designs below!

Don't Mess with My Rainbow Photo via Bluprint member Buttontree Lane

Half-square triangles

Don't Mess with my Rainbow is a half-square triangle design using solids against a grey background fabric. The colors appear in rainbow order and represent a variety of values. The quilt was finished with a concentric arcs pattern in Jacquie Gering's Bluprint course Creative Quilting with Your Walking Foot.

New York Beauty Flying Geese Mini Quilt Photo via Bluprint member Emmaline Bags

Circle of flying geese

Janelle stitched up a gorgeous rainbow-colored mini quilt using this New York Beauty block pattern. The black-and-white text background gives a modern twist to this classic block design, which looks decadent stitched in jewel toned rainbow colors.

Get the pattern for NY Beauty Circle of Flying Geese here. 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Photo via Bluprint member colorchick

Hop scotch

Bluprint member  colorchick 's  Somewhere Over the Rainbow quilt (Hop Scotch pattern by Amy Smart) features solids fabrics in a bold, geometric design. The white and grey background fabrics help to frame each of the blocks. Though the rainbow colors in this quilt are more pastel than bright, the overall effect is a quilt with colors that play together harmoniously.

Rainbow Bear Paws Photo via Bluprint member QuiltDude

Bear paw

Based on a traditional bear paw quilt block, this rainbow quilt utilized large blocks of color concentrated in one area to give the rainbow effect. A neutral white background and black squares help to provide a pleasing palette for the colorful blocks.

Rainbow Geese Photo via Bluprint member Kelbysews

Retro rainbow

Even if you have just small rainbow-colored scraps of fabric, you can make a stunning mini quilt using this paper pieced pattern. Kelby's version of the 70s Rainbow Geese pattern  uses treasured bits of Anna Maria Horner fabric against a low-volume background.

Get the 70's Geese -18 inch Paper Pieced Pattern here.

Rainbow Lonestar Photo via Bluprint member Katie Ringo

Lonestar strips

If you have any rainbow pre-cut strips, you can make this happy quilt stitched by Katie, as part of the Bluprint course Magical Jelly Roll Quilts  with Kimberly Einmo. The center star and outer border shine bright against a background of pure black (which also makes a great surface to design prominent free-motion stitches).

Learn more about the Rainbow Lonestar Quilt here.

What's your favorite rainbow quilt pattern?

January 12, 2015
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Painting With Color: 6 Stunning Rainbow Quilt Ideas