Say Hello to Your New Fave Holiday Wreath


Make your holiday home decor fresh the most literal sense: fresh flowers! And lucky for us, Carly Cylinder (the flower master herself and star of The Flower Kitchen) is here to show us how to craft a DIY wreath just in time for the holidays.

What you need:

  • White grapevine wreath, 12-16 inches in diameter. You can buy a white wreath or spray-paint one yourself.
  • Brown bind wire
  • Mix of white flowers such as carnations, mums, misty white, and baby's breath, cut about 4-5 inches long
  • Silver ornaments
  • White sparkly garland and/or ornamental objects

1. Bundle up

Grab a few stems of mums, carnations, misty white and baby’s breath and gather into a small bouquet. Because we’re using fresh flowers here, you might need to open up the carnations and mums. If that's the case, just use your thumbs to fan out the petals.

Trim the stems evenly and secure the bouquet together with bind wire.

2. Tie ‘em on

Use more wire to tie each bouquet to the wreath. Bundle together two more little bouquets and tie them to the wreath overlapping your previous bouquet so that the stems are concealed.

3. Fasten on the ornaments

Thread more bind wire through the ornaments and tie them to the wreath.

Pro tip: Create clusters of ornaments in twos and threes throughout the wreath. You can keep it monochromatic like us, or use bright, colorful ornaments to create a pop of contrast.

4. Hide that wire

We definitely don’t want the brown bind wire hindering our white winter wonderland. A simple way to solve this problem? Tie on some white garland. This will conceal the wire from view. If you have any remaining exposed bits of wire, tuck more flowers into the wreath.

Now your wreath is ready to hang!

The flowers should stay fresh and full for at least a month after they’re attached to the wreath. Once the month is up, you can pull out the carnations and mums. But the misty white and baby’s breath will look the same even as they dry, so this can easily be a forever wreath.

Not into wintry whites? Try the Enchanted Forest version! Get the full tutorial here .

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Say Hello to Your New Fave Holiday Wreath