20 Sewing Blogs You Need to Follow


Looking for tips, tricks, new skills, or inspiration but not sure where to look or don't have the time to browse the web? Well, look no further! Here is a compilation of our 20 favorite sewing blogs to help get your creative juices flowing. Listed in no particular order, these amazing blogs are all unique, diverse and from all over the world. Give them a visit!

1. Purl Soho 

The Soho-based shop, Purl Soho , is not only an amazing place to visit in New York City, but a delightful website to visit as well! Their blog has a massive inventory of project ideas, tutorials and inspiration in a range of craft categories, including sewing. In the sewing section, you'll find everything from holiday ornaments, garments, accessories, quilting and so much more, for sewers of all levels. It's an incredible resource.

2. The Fold Line

Don't you wish there was a place that you could search nearly every pattern on the market, including all the indie designs too? Well, lucky for you, the lovely ladies at The Fold Line created exactly that! They realized that a database-driven site where you could search by brand, garment type, difficulty level and more, didn't exist, so they built it. It is a great place to browse for something specific, but also an incredible resource for discovering new brands you have never heard of. Go check it out and find your new favorite designer! 

3. Colette Patterns 

Colette Patterns was one of the first in the indie pattern scene, and since their launch in 2009, they have easily become one of the biggest companies there. Under The Colette Patterns umbrella is an on-line magazine, a podcast, women's patterns, men's patterns, sew-a-longs and more. Their blog is full of inspiration, tutorials and interesting articles on topics like fashion and sewing history. Check out their blog, or read some of their great articles in their on-line magazine, Seamwork

4. The Palmer/Pletsch Blog 

When you're looking to learn additional skills, look no further than to the ladies at The Palmer/Pletsch Blog . Run by Bluprint instructors, Pati Palmer and Melissa Watson , these bright women will help take your fitting, tailoring and techniques to a new level with their written and video tutorials. 

5. Oonaballoona

If it's inspiration you're looking for, Oonaballoona  is the place for you! Marcy Harriell (aka Oona) makes the most incredible outfits that you get you dreaming. Feel like you're in a slump? Then this is the place to break out of that bad mood and feast your eyes on outfits sewn in wacky fabric combinations with beautiful trims.

6. Made by Rae 

Rae Hoekstra, the designer behind the indie pattern company, Made by Rae , designs for both adults and kids, and thus, her blog is packed full of tons of tutorials for both big and little people. She also ventures out into accessories, both for the home and for you, as well as toys and gifts. Rae's sincere kindness comes out in all she does and her blog is a lovely place to spend some time. 

7. Anuschka Rees

Not necessarily a "sewing" blog, Anuschka Rees ' website is a place to really think about what you're making, how you're making it, and how to build a conscious closet. This site has helped many consider how to curate your wardrobe in a thoughtful and personal way. If you are looking to strip down your possessions, or are feeling like you could use some direction, this is a great place to do some quality reading. 

8. Carolyn Friedlander

My favorite blogs to read are those written by people offering thoughtful discussion and inspiration, and one of the best at that is the lovely Carolyn Friedlander . A former architect turned fabric and quilt designer, Carolyn's perspective is a unique one in this field. She comes at everything with an intellectual point of view, and offers much thought into every mark she makes. 

9. Brooklyn Craft Company

Bluprint instructor Brett Bara runs a super fun blog under her shop's name, the Brooklyn Craft Company . Filled with lots of creative projects and DIY tutorials, there is more than just sewing projects to be found here. Find projects for macrame, dying, knitting, sewing, and so much more.

10. Tilly and the Buttons 

London-based pattern maker and author Tilly Walnes, known on the web as Tilly & The Buttons , found her first taste of success on the popular television show, The Great British Sewing Bee. Jumping from the show's exposure, she has since built a mini empire, with in-person classes, online classes, patterns, books and an incredible blog filled with tons of tutorials and inspiration. 

11. Orange Lingerie 

As more and more people get into sewing their own bras and undergarments, finding quality resources is hugely helpful. Norma Loehr of the blog and indie pattern line, Orange Lingerie , gives both the new and the experienced bra maker inspiration and guidance through her tutorials, patterns and books. 

12. Mama Liberated 

Bluprint instructor Meg McElwee , who also runs the indie pattern company Sew Liberated , changed up her priorities a while ago to focus on her family, sewing with conscious intention, and slowing life down to a pace where it can be more enjoyable. Her posts are sewing-related, but also are infused with thoughts about our time and place in the world. 

13. Ada Spragg

Some blogs are full of skills, techniques, and tutorials, while some are just pure eye candy. Sophie, the woman behind Ada Spragg , sews up glamorous, architectural and interesting garments that will undoubtedly get your mind going with ideas on how to better dress yourself.

14. Victory Patterns

Each blogger comes with their own distinct point of view, which is what makes them all so unique and special. Toronto-based Kristiann Boos, of the indie pattern line  Victory Patterns , has a clean and modern take on all she designs. Her blog, patterns and her gorgeous book, are all packed full of inspiration, tutorials, and beautiful garment ideas. 

15. Whipstitch 

Whipstitch is run by Atlanta-based pattern maker, author, teacher and blogger Deborah Moebes. She designs garments for kids and adults, designs quilt patterns, writes books, teaches online classes, including here at Bluprint, and so very much more. Her blog is a massive resource of information! 

16. Sew over it

Another blog that is jammed packed with tons of quality information is Sew Over It . Centered around Lisa Comfort and her UK shop, Sew Over It is a blog is filled with tutorials, online classes, video vlog posts and tons more. They also produce their own line of patterns, books and e-books too. 

17. Sew Sweetness

If bag making is your thing, then look no further than the Sew Sweetness blog. Sara Lawson is an author, pattern designer and Bluprint instructor, and while she certainly sews more than just bags, that is her area of expertise. Learn tons on how to properly sew, line and interface bags, as well as all about the hardware, resources and more! 

18. Oliver + S 

Liesl Gibson, the designer behind the pattern four companies Oliver + S , Lisette, Liesl + Co., Straight Stitch Society, is a massive resource of information. Through her companies and her books, she has designed for children, adults and accessories, and her blog is filled with lots of skills to learn and loads of inspiration. 

19. Graineline Studio

Chicago-based designer Jen Beeman is the brains behind the great pattern line, Grainline . On her blog, Jen teaches you tons of garment-making skills to help take home sewers to a professional and polished level. Jen's clean and classic aesthetic is a refreshing point of view in a sea of trendy fads. 

20. Sallie Oh

Last but not least is another amazing blog,  Sallie Oh . Sallie's creations are always beautiful and inspiring. If you are looking for ideas on how better to dress yourself, this is a great place to go! Much like Ada Spragg's blog, Sallie posts tons of her self-made wardrobe, from the everyday to the elaborate historical costume. 

Which sewing blogs are your favorite? Do you have any to add to the list?

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