Knitting Patterns to Master Your Favorite Short Row Technique

Short rows are scary at first, sure, but they're so handy for giving your knitting gorgeous shapes and curves. So when we saw the preview for Carol Feller's new Essential Short Row Techniques class, we knew we had to comb the Bluprint store for some opportunities to put those short row techniques to work.

No matter which short row technique you want to practice — wrap and turn, German, Japanese, yarn over — you can try it out with these gorgeous patterns that use short rows to add shape and unbelievably awesome design elements.

Photo via Bluprint member irin.eber6475038

Short Row Fantasy

If you typically think of short rows as a bust-shaping technique, you might be surprised to find them in a shawl like this one. Short rows are beautiful additions to half-circle shawls like this one. I love this quote from designer irin.eber6475038 : "The short rows give endless possibilities for fantasies and ideas."

Get the Short Row Fantasy pattern here.

Photo via Bluprint member LavishCraft

Bosky Hood

Designer  LavishCraft  promises no holes and no wraps when you use German short rows to shape this cozy hood. The hood makes a great weekend project, since it uses large needles and bulky yarn. Having problems with your German short rows? Carol Feller has an entire lesson on them in her  Essential Short Row Techniques  class

Get the Bosky Hood pattern here.

Photo via Bluprint member Mountain Mist

Short Row Collar

You can see short rows at work here, helping the collar with its soft curve. The lacy body of the collar is simple enough to work; you'll just need to be familiar with yarn overs and garter stitch.

Get the Short Row Collar pattern here.

Photo via Bluprint instructor Carol Feller

Gilligan Sweater

Carol Feller uses this sweater in her  Essential Short Row Techniques  class to show how short rows can help form these beautiful sleeve caps. The pattern is available on Carol's website, so check out the link below to find out how to purchase it.

Read more about the Gilligan Sweater pattern here.

Photo via Bluprint member Sara E Kellner

Ducks in a Row

Quack! Short rows shape the head, chest, and wings of this cute little guy. It's simple enough to change up the colors to make any type of duck you'd like. No matter what type you make, you can be sure those short rows will help your duck take flight.

Get the Ducks in a Row pattern here.

Photo via Bluprint member andreapgn

Turning Points Slouchy Beret

Here's more evidence of short rows' abilities to play a role in both shaping curves and design. Short rows help create each of the wedges in the beret that eventually grow to form the crown of the hat.

Get the Turning Points Slouchy Beret pattern here.

Photo via Bluprint member Asti_

Crossroads Wrap

Shape the beautiful center of this shawl using the short row technique of your choice. I love the stripes in this one, but I think it would also work up beautifully in a variegated yarn.

Get the Crossroads Wrap pattern here.

Photo via Bluprint member Audrey5432

Short Sheep Socks

If you're a fan of sock knitting, you know how much short rows contribute to the shaping of a heel. These toe-up socks are no different; they use short rows to put comfy curves in all the right places!

Get the Short Sheep Socks pattern here.

Wrap and turn, German, Japanese, yarn over — which short row techniques have you tried?

Knit short rows for stunning color and shaping!

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May 05, 2015
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Knitting Patterns to Master Your Favorite Short Row Technique