Sit. Stay. Snap. Good Dog!


Your pet isn’t Insta-famous yet? Why not??! Fido clearly has the looks, which means your lackluster photo skills might be the only thing standing between your pooch and the big time. Never fear! We asked the Bluprint photographers for some insider info on the best way to capture those drooly dog smiles.

Treat yo’ pet

Now’s the time to pull out those extra special treats or toys. You know, the ones that make your pet come running from across the yard when they hear the bag open. Treats are great for getting your pet to look right at the camera (have a friend dangle that tasty morsel right above you). And don’t be afraid to give your pet a treat while they’re mugging — photos of dogs eating peanut butter are adorable.

Be the boss

Distractions are not your dog's friend, so make sure you’re communicating clearly and calmly with your pup. If your dog knows hand signals, even better. Even if it’s noisy, you can still signal that sit/stay command loud and clear. Put a treat in your hand, and now you’re really in business. Good boy!

Use props, or don’t

Some pets love playing dress up ... some don’t. Know your pet and play to his strengths. My dog freezes the second I put sunglasses on her, so unless she freezes in a cute pose, it’s not happening. Don’t force it.

Fidget no more

Is your small dog a wiggler? All is not lost. Try putting your dog on a taller surface, like a chair or table — something they won’t swan-dive off of — to help them stay put. Bonus points for covering the surface of your table with the same color as the background.

Sweet talk

There is nothing cuter than a dog or cat cocking their head. NOTHING. And chances are, you know exactly the frequency your voice needs to hit to get that adorable head tilt. So do it. There’s no shame in this game. And if your voice doesn’t quite reach head tilting tones? Squeaky toys should do the trick.

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Sit. Stay. Snap. Good Dog!