Slip Into Cozy Slipper Crochet Patterns

Do your feet freeze throughout the entire winter? The only time I see my toes during cold weather is when I shower, because I'm constantly wearing socks and slippers.

Knowing how to wield a crochet hook certainly comes in handy when you always have cold feet — and so do cozy slipper crochet patterns! Whether they're felted, made to look like animals, or just basic slip-ons, slipper crochet patterns will give warmth to freezing tootsies.

Did I also mention that any of these slipper crochet patterns would make great gifts for everyone on your holiday list?

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FREE Two-Tone Ballet Slippers

I love a two-tone shoe, and these slippers remind of the shoes I've often spotted in stores. Crochet these in your two favorite colors and decorate them with anything from flowers to pompoms and buttons.

Get the FREE Two-Tone Ballet Slippers pattern here.

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Stripe and Dot Slippers

Pull the colors for the stripes and dots right from your stash and you may not even have to spend money on these pretty slippers. You'll also get tips for applying soles that extend the life of the slipper, plus make them sturdier against wear and tear.

Get the Stripe and Dot Slippers pattern here.


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The Hobbity Slipper

There's just something about felting that's so satisfying. Plus, in this case, felting makes the slippers super warm! Never tried felting before? No worries. The slippers come with instructions for felting in the washing machine.

Get The Hobbity Slipper pattern here.

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Slippers with Tassels

Designer  rochelle.899375  says you might be able to whip these slippers up in just one evening. The pattern includes instructions for making the tassel, too, which will come in handy for a lot of other projects that need an extra embellishment.

Get the Slippers with Tassels pattern here.

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Panda Slippers

I can immediately think of at least four people on my list who would go crazy for these panda slippers! You'll need to do some light finishing work to embroider the panda face details and attach the ears, so have that yarn needle handy.

Get the Panda Slippers pattern here.

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Brooke Slippers

Tired of making the same old pair of slippers over and over? Try slippers that have unique shaping that you won't find just anywhere. These Brooke Slippers are so pretty that you'll want to wear them out in public. Try to resist that urge.

Get the Brooke Slippers pattern here.

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Animal Slippers

I just can't resist these animal slipper patterns! Aren't they adorable? Choose from these animals, or combine different features to make your favorite animal. It's a great way to use up the extra buttons you may have hanging around.

Get the Animal Slippers pattern here.

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Sugar Skull Slippers

Mary Jane-style slippers — the kind with the strap — are one of my favorites. The strap helps them stay put and makes them look a little fancier than your usual slippers.

Get the Sugar Skull Slippers pattern here.

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Crochet Slippers with Flowers

You have plenty of options for customizing this pattern. Make them with or without the flower and test out different color combinations. You could crank out several pairs of these as holiday gifts, and they could all look completely different!

Get the Crochet Slippers with Flowers pattern here.

What do you wear to keep your toes toasty-warm? Do you prefer socks or slippers?


November 23, 2014
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Slip Into Cozy Slipper Crochet Patterns