9 Slow Cooker Recipes That'll Get Dinner on the Table Fast


Coming home to the smell of a home-cooked dinner may sound too good to be true, but it's not! All you need is a little bit of prep time, a slow cooker and these delicious recipes.

1. Bowled Over

Forget ground beef, brisket is the star of this slow-cooker chili show! The dish gets its depth and flavor not only from the delicious meat, but also from lots of awesome spices. Don't forget the cheese and sour cream for serving.

2. Say Cheese

We always say yes to nachos! Make these your main meal or serve 'em as an amazing app — either way, this chile con queso recipe takes the labor out of stirring up a cheese sauce from scratch.

3. Cream of the Crop

This creamy corn casserole is sure to make your mouth water. The prep is pretty simple, too — just cut the ham into big chunks that'll hold up to a few hours in the slow cooker.

4. Mashed Magic

These mashed potatoes are ahhhh-mazing for a holiday or big event! Using the slow cooker opens up space on your stove to make other goodies, plus this hands-off approach frees up your time. Talk about a win-win.

5. All About the Meat

The key to the most tender slow-cooker pulled pork is to start with a pork shoulder, which can cook for a long time without getting dried out.

6. Egg-cellent Idea

Whether we’re talking breakfast for dinner or breakfast for breakfast, a clean-out-the-fridge frittata is always a good idea. It sets in about an hour, so if you didn't have time to prep ahead, you can still get this meal on the table, fast.

7. Beef Stew, FTW!

Ah, yes, our three favorite B's: beef, beer and BBQ. Pro tip: take the time to quickly brown your beef cubes and onions. It'll boost their flavor and texture before everything gets tossed in the slow cooker.

8. Roast It Up

Invest 20 minutes in the morning to searing and chopping, and come dinner time you'll have the perfect pot roast. To lighten up this traditional recipe, trim off excess fat and serve alongside tons of delicious veggies.

9. Bread-y for This

Bread without an oven? Yes, please! Baking in the slow cooker is so brilliant whenever oven room is scarce, or when you simply don't want to heat up the house. It's super easy too, so consider this one of your go-to recipes.

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9 Slow Cooker Recipes That'll Get Dinner on the Table Fast