How to Start Any Tunisian Crochet Project

The first step in any Tunisian crochet project, of course, is creating your foundation row. Once you've set up a row of stitches as the base of your project, you can build from there in an endless combination of stitches.

Starting Tunisian crochet: How to make a foundation row

As with all Tunisian crochet stitches, a foundation row uses a forward pass and a return pass. We'll walk through every step so you can confidently start your Tunisian crochet project!

If you're making a large Tunisian crochet project, make sure you're using the right crochet hook for the job . However, if you're just trying out the technique, a regular crochet hook and yarn in a coordinating weight will do the trick.

Step 1:

Make a slip knot  and place it on your hook. Chain the number of stitches called for in your pattern, or just a small number of stitches to make a practice swatch.

Step 2:

Turn your chain over so that you see the back bumps.

For traditional crochet, you work into each chain stitch with the chain facing up, so you see the V's of each stitch. However, for Tunisian crochet, we want the V's to face the outer edge, so we'll work into the back of the chain.

Step 3:

Insert the hook under the back bump of the second chain from the hook. Then yarn over and pull up a loop.

Step 4:

Insert your hook into back bump of the next chain stitch; pull up a loop. Continue across the entire chain. The number of loops on your hook should match the number of chains made. If it doesn't you may have missed one of the chains along the way.

You've just completed the forward pass for the Tunisian crochet foundation row.

Step 5:

Now it's time for the return pass, where you work each loop off the hoop, completing the stitch.

To start the return pass, chain 1 by making a yarn over and pulling it through one loop on your hook.

Making a chain before starting the return pass maintains the height of the fabric. It's no different than starting a traditional crochet row with a chain 1 stitch.

Step 6: 

Now you'll begin working the loops off the hook. Yarn over and pull through two loops on the hook. You've worked off one stitch.

Step 7: 

Yarn over and pull through two loops again. Repeat until there's only one loop left on your hook.

This completes the foundation row!


What next?

From here, you can build up from the foundation row. In your next forward and return pass, you can make any number of Tunisian crochet stitches , or continue following your pattern.

Beginner's Guide to Tunisian Crochet

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February 14, 2018
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How to Start Any Tunisian Crochet Project