Trendy Floral Wreaths for Cakes & Cupcakes (in 10 Simple Steps)

Floral crowns are so popular — and not just on Snapchat. We're seeing them on cakes, too! You can recreate flower crowns with sugar flowers for ridiculously chic cupcakes. Check out our free floral crown cupcake tutorial below to make your own!

Sugar flower crown cupcake tutorial

Materials and tools needed:

Step 1: Cut out the leaves

Roll out green gum paste over the groove on your modeling board. This creates the seam where you'll insert your floral wire. Then, with the seam running down the middle, cut out a leaf using a cutter.

Repeat until you have enough leaves for your crown (we used about 4 or 5 for each cupcake).

Step 2: Attach the leaves to wires

There are a few different ways to insert wire. We'll show you our favorite method, but if you prefer another approach, that's just fine.

Wet one end of a 26-gauge wire with edible glue. Don't use too much or it can lead to a gloopy mess. Then carefully push the wire into the seam made in Step 1, until the wire is about halfway into the leaf. Make sure to check the front and back of the leaf so the wire doesn't poke through.

Step 3: Add the leaf details

Finally, use a large ball tool to thin the edges of your leaves on a foam flower pad. Then, press the leaves with a rose leaf veining tool. Pinch and tweak into shape and leave to dry on flower formers.

Step 4: Create the flower stamens

Fold over three double-ended stamens. Activate the floral tape and use it to attach the stamens to 22-gauge wire. Repeat for multiple blossoms. Set aside.

Step 5: Cut out the flowers

Take a bit of gum paste (whatever colors you'd like your flowers to be) and form it into a medium sized teardrop. Then, pinch around the larger end to spread the gum paste out. Place the gum paste on a flat surface and use your dowel rod like a rolling pin to roll out the flat sections of the gum paste. 

Use the small blossom cutter to cut out the flower shape, with the tapered section in the middle.

Step 6: Finish the flower details

Thin and ruffle the edges of your gum paste flowers using your large ball tool. When finished, pinch and roll each petal individually so they have a nice natural look to them.

Step 7: Attach the flowers to wire

First, press a medium ball tool into the center of each flower. This helps cup and shape them.

Then take the stamen wire you created in Step 4, add a tiny amount of edible glue on the taped section of the stamens, and insert the wire into the flower from the top. Pinch around the base of the stamens and leave to set by hanging each blossom upside down.

Step 8: Form the crown shape

Once all your leaves and flowers have set, it's time to tape them into a crown. In this step, you'll be taping all the wired leaves and flowers into one continuous piece, like this:

Start with a leaf — they're smaller, which makes them ideal for the ends of your crown. Twist some floral tape around the wire right at the base of your leaf.

Next comes a flower: Bend the wire at the base to a 90-degree angle, then tape this into place below the leaf.

Continue taping alternating leaves and blossoms until you have a branch around 4" long. To finish, tape a leaf at the end.

Once taped, gently arrange your the pieces so that they face outward and slightly up when bent into a circle. Now tape the ends together. 

Step 9: Finish with a ribbon

Tie a short length of ribbon into a pretty bow. You can use whatever width you like, but keep in mind that really thick ribbons might be too large. Use a little melted white chocolate as glue to attach the bow right on top of the two ends of the flower crown. Lightly hold until set.

Step 10: Put the flower crown on the cupcake

To attach the flower crown to your cupcake, use a little melted white chocolate or candy melts to hold the piece in place.

September 11, 2017
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Trendy Floral Wreaths for Cakes & Cupcakes (in 10 Simple Steps)