5 Summer Knit Projects That Won't Make You Sweat


Let’s be clear: knitting is a year-round sport, and we're in favor of always having a little something to stitch on no matter what the weather. But if that cabled wool sweater you were so gung-ho about when the snow was falling is suddenly making you sweat, these are the alternatives that'll keep you busy — and cool.

Have Socks, Will Travel

Summer is the best time to catch up on your sock knitting. Socks are small, so you won't melt under them as you knit, and they're the perfect size for throwing in your bag when you head out on a getaway. Plus, if you just can't wait to wear them, they're just right for lounging around the house on a cool morning.

Light + Airy Lace

We know shawls are great for bundling up winter, but they're just as useful in the hotter months. A light, lacy shawl won't overwhelm you as you knit, and it's perfect for throwing on when AC temps get a little too frigid.


Before you break out in a sweat, this afghan is knit one motif at a time, meaning you only ever have one small piece in your lap at a time. (You may, however, want to wait till things cool off to seam it all together.)

Toy Time

Aside from being completely adorable, knit toys make great summer projects. They're small (are you sensing a theme here?), packable, and can be worked in cotton instead of wool. Knit up a few as holiday gifts and thank yourself come winter.

It's Always Sweater Weather

Knit a sweater in summer? Yep. Because this cardigan is knit in pieces and seamed, you can work on the pieces separately and never risk sweltering under your project. Start now, and when that first frosty morning hits, you’ll be so ready.

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It’s Friday night. You have the whole weekend ahead of you for uninterrupted fun. And by fun, we obviously mean knitting. So kick back, fire up your favorite binge-worthy show (may we suggest the Grocery Girls on Off Our Needles?), and knock out one of these knits to wear to work on Monday.
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5 Summer Knit Projects That Won't Make You Sweat