Super Bowl Sweets For the WIN!


Wings, nachos, dip … you’ve got all the usual football foods covered. But when it comes to the championship game, you’ve got to pull out all the dessert stops, too. Consider yourself ready for overtime.

1. Stadium #Goals

This one's perf for making with the kiddos: Bake up a simple sheet cake for the center field, then fill the bleachers with all kinds of candy.

2. Play Catch

Go long … oh wait, it’s a cake! Do NOT take this super-realistic football outside to toss around. But DO cut into it when your team scores a touchdown.

3. Ice The Field

You can create all these small details using a stencil and royal icing. So easy, and SO yummy!

4. Fake Out

If you’re not up for a full-blown sculpted football cake, we still got you! All you need is a round cake and some simple cuts to make this easy version.

5. What’s Your Number?

The secret to nailing those jersey numbers is to use a royal icing transfer, which is basically a fancy way of saying you pipe ‘em on waxed paper first.

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Because you’re not really watching football unless you’re doing it while chowing down on some totally indulgent snacks.
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Deb Schneider
Deb Schneider
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Super Bowl Sweets For the WIN!