These Pastel Mini Cakes Are As Sweet As Spring

They're not cupcakes, they're mini cakes. Which means they're ultra-fancy. And thanks to the magic of Russian piping tips, they're easy enough for beginners to whip up.

Pastel Mini Cakes

What You Need


1. Assemble the Cakes

Cut out 3" circles from a baked and cooled sheet cake. Stack three layers per cake, spreading buttercream and fresh fruit between each layer.

Pro Tip

Remember, these cakes are small — if you're serving a crowd, it's a good idea to make a bunch.

2. Ice 'Em Up

Crumb coat and frost your cake.

Pro Tip

You want the cakes to have a rustic finish, so stop smoothing your buttercream before it looks perfect. You can also go back and "rough it up" a little bit with an off-set spatula, if you're craving more texture.

Push clusters of white sugar pearls into the side of the cake, as desired.

3. Pipe the Flowers

Fill a piping bag fitted with a Russian piping tip with colored buttercream. (We used different shades of pink on each cake to create an ombre look when they're all displayed together.) To work the Russian tip, simply hold your bag vertically while touching the surface of your cake with the tip. Pipe smoothly and gently as you lift the tip up off the cake, resulting in a gorgeous buttercream floral as you pull up.

4. Add Leaves

Add green buttercream to a piping bag fitted with a leaf tip and finish your cake with lovely green frosting foliage.

Find Your Next Project

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May 06, 2019
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These Pastel Mini Cakes Are As Sweet As Spring