Take Our Drawing Challenge! You Won't Be Sorry



There's nothing like a little challenge to kick yourself into gear. So why not commit to drawing every day for the next week, month, or even (gasp!) year? Whether you're stuck in a creative rut or just want to get the hang of a new skill, putting pen to paper on the regular is just what you need. Challenge accepted? Here's how to make it over the finish line.

Set a time frame

This is your project, so the goal is also totally up to you. It could be a week or a full year. Or go month-to-month (yes, like that lease you signed last year) and decide after 30 days if you want to keep going. Warning: Once the habit is set, you may never want to stop. But that's a good thing!

Choose a size

Use the same sketchbook or paper for everything you create. Keeping the size consistent will make them easy to flip through and even display later on!

Consider a theme

Does a totally blank slate feel a little intimidating? Having a theme can help. Choose a loose idea like "love," or something uber-specific like "inspiring shoes." Do whatever will best motivate you!

Try different media

Small, daily projects are the perfect time to experiment! If you always use pen and ink, try pencil one day. Or go really crazy and borrow your kiddo's markers or break out the watercolors.

Be consistent

This is a big one: You don't have to be consistent with the subject matter or the media, but do need make time to draw every day. No excuses! Some days it'll feel as natural as a shower, and other days it'll feel more like flossing (unless, of course, you love flossing). You can even set a daily alarm to remind you, and then a timer to count the minutes you've promised yourself — even five will do. You might find that once you get going, you don't want to stop once the buzzer goes off. So don't!

Document your progress

Share your drawings on social media so your friends and family can follow the project (and hold you accountable)! Plus, you can scroll back and see how much you've improved.

See what happens

It's like any great adventure — you won't be exactly the same at the end of the project as when you started. Take some time to reflect on what surprised you. What you loved and loathed. The point is to learn about yourself and your own process, and hopefully you find a few new things that you like creating. Can't ask for much more than that!

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Take Our Drawing Challenge! You Won't Be Sorry