The Best Coloring Apps For When You Need to Zen Out


Just because you loved to color when you were five doesn’t mean you can’t love it at 35! Plus, doodling is a proven stress-buster. But let's face it, you don't always have time to break out the crayons. Enter a host of cool apps that make easy, relaxing coloring time a reality for busy grownups.

We tried a whole bunch and picked the best, so you can kiss your stress goodbye and make Bob Ross proud.

The Posh Painter: Lake

The coolest illustrators of Instagram have come together to offer their modern masterpieces as line drawings through this super-sleek app . Go from abstract to adorable (who wouldn’t want to color a pile of fluffy kittens?) and choose your hues using a super-fun customizable color wheel. You get one free illustration a day, or if you subscribe, you can take your pick among all the amazing artwork that’s available.

The Pattern Pleaser: Mandala Coloring Pages

A mandala is a sacred symbol among Hindus and Buddhists, so it’s no wonder that coloring in these intricately-patterned illustrations seems to naturally inspire positive spiritual vibes. With this app , you can color for free, or subscribe to get access to 600 mandalas. In other words, enough to keep you busy for a few (hundred) hours!

The Imaginative Illustrator: Coloring Book for Adults

Once upon a time, there was a magical coloring book where grownups could draw fairies, butterflies and enchanted forests. For real. Admit it, you're intrigued! The Coloring Book for Adults , has exactly what you need to launch your imagination on a refreshing flight of fancy. And the bonus? It’s the only 100 percent free coloring app.

The Creature Creator: Animal Coloring Book

If you believe furry friends are the best friends, look no further than the Animal Coloring Book when the urge to create takes hold. Whether you decide to go with the paid or unpaid option, you’ll have your pick of everything from elephants to squirrels (and even bugs!). Now that’s something to buzz about.

The Mix Master: Colorfy

Colorfy is often considered the granddaddy of coloring apps, and it feels like it, in a good way. This pick comes loaded with 1,000+ illustrations, plus you can expand your creativity with tons of color palettes and brush types.

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The Best Coloring Apps For When You Need to Zen Out