The 4 Best Quilts for Beginners That Require Zero Cutting

If you're a quilting newbie , it can be easy to feel intimidated by all the fabric you have to measure and cut. But guess what? That's where precut fabrics come in. They come in a variety of convenient packs, typically 5" squares (called charm packs ), 10" squares (called layer cakes ) and 2½" strips (called jelly rolls) . Using them guarantees all your colors will match and those pieces will be perfectly sized, plus — bonus! — it means you get to skip cutting and go right to the sewing. Once you decide which fabrics feel prettiest to you, choose any of these quilt designs that are 100 percent precut-friendly.

Patchwork Quilt

Meet the original classic: the simple patchwork quilt. Made up of same-size squares, this easy project comes together quickly and is an awesome way to master basic quilting skills. You'll become a wiz at sewing an accurate, straight ¼" seam — which is literally the foundation of any quilt — and using charm packs of 5" squares will help speed up the process. If you want to supersize the quilt, try 10" layer cake squares! (Psst: To make the exact quilt below, shop the Like A Charm Cour de Fleur Expand-A-Quilt Kit .)

Brick Quilt

Instead of using squares, you can use rectangles to make a patchwork quilt. By offsetting the rows like subway tiles, you'll end up with a cool modern vibe. (The end pieces for each row are just half the length of your basic rectangles.) You can also sprinkle in some squares and change up the length of your rectangles for even more variety.

Rail Fence Quilt

For this option, jelly roll precuts are great as the rectangles get super skinny — more like strips. Line up three or four to create each block, and sew them all together straight or set at angles for a different look.

Flying Geese Quilt

When you're ready to go beyond squares and rectangles, triangles are the next step. The flying geese unit simply uses a rectangle and two squares to create the triangles, and this pattern in particular is precut-friendly because you can use half a layer cake square for your rectangle and either a quarter layer cake square or a coordinating charm pack for the other details. Too easy!

October 04, 2018
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The 4 Best Quilts for Beginners That Require Zero Cutting