Celebrate Football Season With a Sweet Snack Stadium


Nachos, wings, chips, dip... we've been there. So we're kicking off football season with a snack play that goes way beyond the expected. Round up your team for a big treat — a stadium-sized treat, inspired by the Faster Craft challenge in last night's episode of Making It . Here's how.

Make Your Own Snack Stadium!

1. Ready the Field

Start by leveling a 13-by-9-inch cake (or brownies or bars or any other sweet treat). Cover it with vanilla buttercream tinted green, and don't forget the sides! Then line the outside of the cake with cookies.

For the turf, dye a bit of flaked coconut green by adding a few drops of green coloring, a few drops of yellow coloring and a bit of water to the coconut. Spread the colored coconut evenly over the top of the cake.

Next, add the details! Start by marking all the yard lines with toothpicks (that way you know they'll be evenly spaced) and mark center field with a bowl or glass.

Then pipe white icing over the marked lines. Place small white licorice pieces between each yard line, along the edges of the field.

Last but not least, add the end zone. Cut rice cereal treats into rectangles, then stack them up all along the short ends of the field.

2. Raise Your Sign

Bring the stadium to life with cheering signs for the fans! You'll use melted chocolate as your glue and your writing utensil, and you'll need pretzel sticks and rectangular cookies to build the signs. Start by piping messages on the cookie squares — add your team's name for a personal touch! Then "glue" two pretzel sticks to the back of each sign for posts. Let them dry completely.

3. Build the Goal Posts

We'll use chocolate-covered biscuit sticks to build the goal posts. Use a full-sized stick for the base, and build the U-shaped top with sticks snapped in half. Melted chocolate will be your sticky friend here — use it as glue, and make sure it dries completely before you pick up the goal posts.

4. Fill the Stands

First things first: You'll need square popcorn boxes to act as stands. Cut along two adjacent corners of the box and fold down the side in between those cuts.

Then, make diagonal folds along the next two sides. Do this to 10 boxes (or as many as you need to line your cake).

Fill each box with your favorite treats! The more colorful, the better. Place your finished signs in the snack-filled boxes.

5. Let's Play!

Carefully stick the dried goal posts on either end of the cake field. Place two colors of round candies on the field — bonus points if you can match the colors to your favorite teams or line them up in a real formation!

Roll a chocolate taffy into a football shape and pipe on the laces. And... kick off!

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Celebrate Football Season With a Sweet Snack Stadium