7 Experts Say These Are the Best Ways to Jump-Start a New Creative Passion

You've made up your mind to finally take a crack at knitting, cake decorating, paper crafting … whatever. But how to make it happen when there are so many options? The truth: Just. Go. Start.

But if you need a little extra push to make those dreams of a new creative outlet a reality (raising our hands), here are some awesome get-going tips from some of our favorite Bluprint makers.

You Do You

When choosing a project, start wherever your heart beats. “If you have a desire to make a glam sequined jumpsuit, there is zero reason why you should start with a pillowcase,” says sewing expert Marcy Harriell of Re:Fashion . “And the reverse is true, too—if home decor makes your feet dance, well, that’s your first step!”

Be the Little Maker Who Could

Our resident cheerleader is here to tell you: Don’t give up! “Even the pros don’t get it right the first time, so try to enjoy the creative process and not focus too much on the end result,” says Kristen Johnson of Bring The Party . “I even save my ‘failed’ projects because an idea on how to fix, improve and further explore them might come at a later time. Nothing is ever wasted while creating, it’s all a trial and error of beautiful possibilities!”

Never Underestimate Expert Help

Whether it’s right here on Bluprint or in person at a local studio, let someone who's been there show you the way! “Classes let you work at your own pace, and you have an instructor there to guide you,” says cake guru Joshua John Russell of Man About Cake.

Take It Slow + Steady

It’s 100 percent okay—even advised—to start simple and small. “Things like hand embroidery are slow crafts, so pick up an easy design first to help you get that sense of accomplishment from completing a project,” says Jessica Long of Jump Into Embroidery .

Keep Pushing Yourself (Just A Little!)

Once you’ve got the basics down, choose projects that get you slightly out of your comfort zone, suggests Kristy Glass of Jump Into Knitting . “I like to choose patterns where there’s one stitch I don’t recognize,” she adds.

Embrace Your Newbie Status

An awesome thing about just starting out: Everything is new and cool! “One thing that we have as a beginner, is beginner's mind, something that even the most advanced artist would do well to hold onto,” muses Kateri Ewing of Improve Your Paintings: Luminous Watercolor Mixing . “You can start by simply enjoying the tools and materials of your craft. Watch watercolor dance on the paper, notice how it mixes and mingles and creates surprising beauty all on its own.”

Broaden Those Goals

The point of flexing your creative muscles is definitely not to stress yourself out. So if you start feeling that way, switch gears: “I keep my creative goals thematic instead of specific,” says James Worsham of Blank Wall Overhaul . “This year it's 'Do More Drawing', not 'Get Better At Drawing People' or 'Complete 6 Large Drawings.' Instead, I can see what works and what doesn't, try things, fail at some and succeed at others, and still meet my goals.” Amen to that!

January 02, 2019
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7 Experts Say These Are the Best Ways to Jump-Start a New Creative Passion