The Cheap + Easy Way to Upgrade Any Card


If you love the look of homemade cards but have neither the time nor the moolah to go all-in on loads of special supplies, we have three words for you: paper lace doilies. (Yes, they still exist.) These budget-friendly paper goods offer a cute and whimsical way to upgrade store bought thank yous and invitations. Try it for your next baby shower invite or thank you card!

How to add lace paper to any card

You'll need:

  • Stationery, including cards and envelopes
  • Glue sealant, like Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Pack of small paper doilies (check the kitchen tools aisle of the grocery store!)

Step 1

Apply a thin layer of glue to the backside of the paper lace doily.

Step 2

Place the doily firmly down on the card or envelope where you want it to stick, with part of it hanging off the edge or corner. Smooth out any air bubbles, and then press down hard to secure it. As it dries, apply more glue along the lace line as needed.

Step 3

Once the paper is dry, use a pair of scissors to trim along the side of the card in a straight line. Allow to dry fully before writing and sending.

Now sign, seal, and deliver!

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The Cheap + Easy Way to Upgrade Any Card